Be creative – believe in your power!

Be creative – believe in your power!

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[dropcap1]6[/dropcap1]:00 in the morning, alarm clock crows. Another day, what will come up? Pessimist think – “I gotta get up God damn it”, hardhead will say: “same day, everyday”. Only optimist will ask himself:  “I’m wondering, what will be happening  today”.
Three same true-borns, but how different they are. This is the main problem: the same people different point of view. Simple as this… and my stand point contains in this short phrase:[highlight]live in harmony with yourself and open your mind.[/highlight]Today I’ll tell You what is creativity in my first impression. I hope You understand it and maybe this lead You to change for better.
So the magic word is FAITH – believe that You can make it. If You read this and think this is piece of nonsense, this means You don’t want to change or You have to grow up to be a positive thinking person. This is not the end of the world. My journey took me about 5 years before I’ve changed my behavior.

universityIn the beginning I was a nerd. After this period I started to hog wild and I didn’t know what my reality will be. Next stop: University. I tried 4 different courses  down to I found my place. And You know what? I don’t regret any single courses I left because during this 4 years I found this path was not for me – this is priceless knowledge, believe me! Some of my friends say: “You started to study so do You like it or not, just finish it” but as I always say:

Never listen to people who has not accomplished what You want”.

I decided do not to listen any dawdlers. 80% of our society wants to infect your life in negative way. So You must know the best what You want – doesn’t matter is it making a hot dogs or atomic bomb.
Summing: I’ll try to express myself on how to be a creative person, what other people do, what I do in a positive way to make Your life better, like I have. Finally I’ll quote my favorite one, You interpret by yourself:

„You are what You think of all day” [highlight]R.W. Emerson[/highlight]


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