People are amazing. Are You an observer or participator?

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[dropcap2]T[/dropcap2]here are millions of people around the globe who are really inspiring to a positive way of thinking. All kind of artistic activities (in my believe) are pure and creative life-changers. They push us to do something rather than just being an average person. It’s nothing bad being an average. But let’s just think about our participation in life in a more creative way.

We see some viral videos says: “People are amazing”. And truly that’s pretty obvious. Human kind do so many great and beautiful things. Especially when we think about artistic way of living. We can pick from hundreds of outstanding tools: dance, photography, yoga, painting etc. I believe these activities can do amazing things with our life. We can be healthier, we can solve problems, we can improve our social skills or even we can fix our relationship problems. Many of our everyday problems sometimes seems to be baffling. But through artistic way of looking into our life, we can totally change perspective.

My story was simple. Before I started to do something creative I was always looking for something which fits to me, to my inner feelings. I wasn’t lazy but I can admit I didn’t use my brain in the way I should. After a while I started to be an observer of some cultural activities. This led me to materialize my own path of lifestyle. I started to be active participator and from that day my life was totally different. Nothing was the same any more.

The point is: artistic lifestyle (no matter what You do) enhance Your inner skills in every matter of life.

I truly believe people are amazing. You are amazing! It’s enough to look around and find some new challenge instead of being only an observer. When You are in a theater and You feel inside that acting is something beautiful – go get some acting lessons. This is simple! But You must listen to Your inner feelings. They are the best guide in attracting You to the creative way of thinking. And remember: artistic activities can be handy almost everywhere, no matter what You do!

Good luck!

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