The Notorious IBE 2013 | Recap | Video

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[dropcap2]E[/dropcap2]very single year when we visit Netherland’s south side (Heerlen City) we ask the same question: What is going to happen this year? The event itself is a great Hip Hop culture celebration throughout multicultural experience. I’m very grateful to see how unity and love is spreading across the whole weekend (even a day after everyone is chilling together in a hotel’s lobby).
Being a part of something bigger than just an average entrant I can go deeper into a social layer of the event, discovering and researching details as an insider. The best way to express my point of view is to capture visual aspects. That’s why we decided to share our work with You.

Enjoy this short footage as our reminiscence of last year’s event – The Notorious IBE! Also make sure to be up to date with a newest info about upcoming IBE 2014 event. Please follow the official Fanpage and Event’s Website.

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