The Spot#2 – Street Supply – Sneakers Store | Warsaw | Poland

The Spot#2 – Street Supply – Sneakers Store | Warsaw | Poland

Sneakers market is getting bigger and becomes a worldwide community. You can find hundreds of online stores packed with latest collections, retro style sneakers and even You can also design Your own limited edition of shoes just by clicking through dedicated interface. Online shopping getting us lazy, turning around from physical activity and what more important from social communication with human beings. Frankly, if I have a chance to visit various places, meet people and use my all senses to participate in buying process (which obviously is simple but most common activity) I'll do it straight away. But to the point.

Summer time is getting closer and my previous pair of sneakers are almost done. Hours I've spent in a random dance spots, trips around Europe did their work. So quick research on the net and here I am, in the spot which I truly liked from the first sight:) From tenths of Warsaw based sneaker stores I've penetrated I found my favorite pair of Asics only in this particular spot called: Street Supply. Google maps was my guide and I was ready to go.

First of all Street Supply store is located in Warsaw's City Center. 10 minutes walk from Old Town which is handy especially for tourists. The store has been set in tenements house's ground floor and it's welcoming You with levitating sneakers in the shop window.

I met Filip, the owner of the store, who explained me why this place is one of a kind and what ideas are behind his business:

"After years of being involved in a sneakers communities I decided to start my own business targeted to street style fashion area. Almost all major corporations don't care about the vibe, friendly-style customers service and to be active in a social media as an activist. My view was to treat our customers as a friends. Allow them to chill on a couch, chat with them about what they like rather than achieve progressive increase of cash no matter what because as You know this is not the key to the successful business"

Nowadays great online marketing is not enough. Just look at giant corporations who sale sneakers around the world. They pump in millions for campaigns, ads, social media strategies but there is one key element which always will be Street Supply's advantage: dealing with people! I must admit during my visit there were couple of clients who step by to try some new sneakers: doesn't matter what age customer was, the attitude and informal presence was sensible.

"We have great interrelations with neighbors, local restaurants, small businesses, free lance artists located near to our spot. This is another part of our vision. We share together our products, promoting ourselves, helping out each other - we just become friends. There are also various amount of neighbors who live in the same building. Not even our customers but people who just step by sometimes to chill, chit-chat about music etc. We are fully accepted by local community."

What seems to be very cool for myself were two products I found on the shelves. Among tenths of sneakers these two gadgets attracted me straight away. First was a blank figure of extraterrestrial which is designed by Filip's friend. This is soo cool! You get blank one and You can paint it by your own custom way.

Next one were special laces made by Street Supply. You can pick random color and this particular color will appear altogether with default color which is white. Laces are made from ultra durable material. So if You can have great quality plus Your own "design" it's a perfect combination.

About my sneakers: I'm not a specialist in this area but I did buy my pair of sneakers in Street Supply. I've done my homework and researched what I was looking for. At Street Supply I was fully informed about dos and dont's of this particular type of running shoes. Brands like Adidass or N1ke are not what You might see in Street Supply but this convinced me to pick this store as my supplier of running shoes.

"We want to surprise, shock and force to think about sneakers as a multidimensional product. Our strategy is simple: limited edition of sneakers, being effective at online sales as well as keep in mind visual aspect of our content which we generate throughout social media. We like to be recognizable brand".

The thing is: All these major brands are available instantly on every corner of the City of Warsaw. Shopping malls, small stores, large sport equipment super stores - these are places where You get Your pair of average sneakers. To be honest: I avoid these places like a plague. Street Supply delivers to You limited, sometimes one of a kind models of sneakers. For myself it is a truly golden spot. I can get exactly what I want. In era where everyone needs to be recognizable and original this is the only solution. Find an alternative to the corporative goods and support people who really believe what they do, who thrive with some kind of story behind. Street Supply is frankly the spot with interesting story.

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