Health Matters #7 | Milk addiction | Part 2

Health Matters #7 | Milk addiction | Part 2


Indigestible casein.

Nowadays milk produced for massive scale is very toxic especially for our kids and babies. It’s because agriculture modern rules is forced by corporation lobby. Calcium in milk has an additional element attached to it almost like a twin brother: Strontium-90, (90Sr) which is a radioactive isotope of strontium produced by nuclear fission. Many of us add milk in to coffee or tea on a daily basis. I recommend not to do it! Under influence of high temperature casein transforms in to “cottage cheese”. Casein is a natural ingredient for glue production! In our body it sticks kidney stones and vessels and increase generation of little tumors in legs, fingers distortions. Other milk ingredients stays in our body in form of mucus. This is common problem from early age up to senility. Milk also causes flu, cold, asthma.

Information in milk.

There is a theory in bioenergetics that every food or product or plant has it’s own piece of data. This informations contains condition of “born” and “growing up”. This shapes human natural instincts. So what information is included in every glass of milk? Great examples are Yogis who doesn’t want to eat cow’s meat and drink milk. For social agreement they made cow as a sacred animal. Behavioral addiction to milk has it’s origin in USA and has been enormously increased aver the last 100 years. Producers noted excess of milk so they decided to make a powder aliment and send it to third world countries. Thats why media had to escort and support this campaign creating false image of healthy benefits from milk. And nobody even ask, they just take it as granted.


I don’t think all people will stand out and say: “Ok today I will quit milk and my family as well”. It’s hard to get rid of any form of addiction. Especially older age people and young kids should stop drinking milk. If You like dairy You can replace milk and eat it in a form of kephir or ready to eat cottage cheese. This will prevent our body from high energy waste caused by raw cow’s milk. If You still don’t want to quit: just observe Your own body what happens after You drink a glass of milk: negative reactions like gases, bloating or diarrhea. Also please be careful with combining milk with other products.
I personally replaced cow’s milk for rice or oat milk. It’s only for coffee purposes and it works perfectly fine. If I go out to a cafe I ask for rice milk or soy milk. Generally I stopped drinking a milk and I can tell You I have no problem with runny nose and getting cold during winter time.
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