Are we being manipulated ? | “Secret Codes of the Dark Forces” | Book [REVIEW]

Are we being manipulated ? | “Secret Codes of the Dark Forces” | Book [REVIEW]

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[dropcap2]T[/dropcap2]his is one of the weirdest book I’ve ever read in my life. For real! I’m into psychology as well as mind-opening literature since I was a teenager. I was very interested in a social activities which debunked stereotypical point of view. This obviously lead me to the point where I’m able to absorb more controversial informations throughout various alternative medias. That’s why a friend of mine recommended this weird sounding tittle for me. My first stop: Google it. And the funny thing is: not much about this book on the net. I can only spot that the author is a man named: Ramaathis-Mam – a man who had multiple spiritual connections and contacts with “beings” form outer reality. Even on the Amazon where it’s hard to find a book without customer’s review there was not much. This intensified my curiosity so I decided to read it.


In the first chapter of the book we read a short description about who the messengers are. They call themselves “Dark Masters” and they briefly introduce a purpose of revelations included in a book. They claim to work in a background of our reality to be as much discrete as they can, just to be sure we as a Earth’s population cannot figure out their presence (not in a physical matter). But they decided to speak out not because they care about our planet, but about to show us that we have no choice just to obey their infiltration of our realm.
In this article I’ll expand only few of the most interesting topics “Dark Beings” revealed through the author’s connection. Believe it or not – this might be a great description of how our reality and Earth experience runs in a everyday life.

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 #1 – We control flow of the energy You give to us unconsciously.

“We convince You are the Masters of Your life and lords of everything so You can do whatever You want to get 100% pleasure in reality which is virtual! But this behavior is the main cause of Your failures. When You suffer You release certain amount of energy which we instantaneously use against You to control and lower the vibration of Your planet”.

This sounds creepy but might be a true. When we have hard times our vibrational field lowers and this causes bad mood, failures and even diseases in our body. These are unconscious reactions and we cannot change it. Can we?

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#2 – They control economy, it’s one of the best source of supervising.

“Economy is the most complex manipulation tool made to keep individuals along from the nature and simplicity of life itself. Only few getting rich in a material sense so the rest of the planet stuck in a false economy and a social system encouraging greed, exploitation and separation – attributes which are pillars of our manipulation[…]. Many of Your politicians negotiated with us and they obeyed our terms. They are puppets. Unfortunately to You they have a legislative power over You so they decide how You have to dress, live, play, feel, consume and die.” 

Umm this is so true that I actually don’t know how to argue. Nuff said.

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#3 – Relationships between male and female – the source of their energy.

“At the beginning of the millennium we established a code causing conflict between both genders. It’s the most important area of our control[…]. All relationships based on a hidden need of control the other. Sex is one of the powerful tool used by us to manipulate. You have technologies and yet You still don’t know true power of sexual energy! Don’t You see all corporations, mass media, entertaining sector use sexual content to lure You? Thats why in societies where sexual behavior is less important there are better relationships in general[…]. Male and female trying to dominate. One does it more subtle and the other one more aggressive. Expression of so called love is just a projection of desire to need and to control.”

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#4 – Education systems – complex and tricky piece of control.

“Governments create education to serve them. Then they hire You to work for them to produce goods which finally You will purchase by spending money paid You for work. After this whole loop we utilize You as a waste and replace.”

These statements sounds crazy but are they? This is fair for me, little bit abstract but I consider an option of being controlled by such a discreet forces. I don’t neglect it. But at the same time I don’t agree with them. I’m not sure am I right and if this is my real objection or is this my Ego possessed and controlled by dark energy. All I can say is everything from above exists on our planet, no matter what society we live.

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“You are so easy to manipulate because You don’t cooperate with cosmic evolution plan unless You get paid in some way! This means that You are possessed by Ego and delusions of grandeur […]. Your evilness tendency makes You obey. This lead You to do things which are not allowed. Disconnection from virtual realm which we programmed is a challenge for You.” 

This also is a true piece of data. People’s tendency to do evil things is in my opinion not something we got as a default but we gain that as deeper we are in a virtual reality.

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“Our strategy is simple: we give You products without insurance and any guarantee. Later You discover weaknesses and faulty of it but it’s too late […]. We convince You that Your life will be better with certain amount of goods but it’s never ending story. You must get something new, buy more, have more but we’ll not allow You to fulfill Your dreams.” 

It’s another way to control people by giving them false expression of need to have something in their life but it’ll be always not enough.

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“Virtual reality projected by us to You is all about attraction, seduction and then disgust and separation. When couple has stabilization and they love each other true and honest, we have a hard work to do, sometimes impossible to achieve. When there is connection between two people in the beginning we produce false identity for each individual to create false expectations. Then ego generates destructive force causing negative vibrational states. When ego’s imaginations are unfulfilled then problems and conflicts starting to emerge. Then we can easily manipulate.” 

And again – when we have fight we send low vibrational signals so the response is also negative. We might experience bad time and this is all connected and obvious.

Intelligence is a higher ability determinant evolutionary level of individual and civilization. When we detect individual focusing its intelligence on a spiritual researches we instantaneously use perception distraction mechanisms. Whole system of education, politics, economical, social and cultural is concentrated on technological thrive and human wealthy life which is only an illusion “

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We’ve been distracted from spiritual journey to money chasing game which is a everyday struggle for millions of human beings. As many authors of revelations claim: we are spiritual beings. So I ask what money or possession of goods has to do with spirituality? If spiritual journey is something what “higher” beings practice why we’re not allowed? Is it because of distraction and curvature of our reality? We are able to be spiritual beings but we are in the dense state of mind. Our everyday struggle create our reality which is not our true realm!

I think we might consider a shift of paradigm to our life. We have a tremendous opportunity to use information which wasn’t allowed 100 years ago. But now in the age of information we should question everything! Especially we need more attention to those 4 aspects “controlled” by so called dark beings: energy flow, economy, relationships and education. Let’s just try to improve them even if this story sounds crazy. Maybe spiritual experience is the most important and we should allow it to enter into our everyday routine. Maybe do some meditation (sitting still for couple of minutes is also a form of meditation) or maybe Yoga to embrace your body and soul as a oneness. Or maybe infinite love is the solution? Whatever it might be, we should try alternative methods and listen to every story which question our reality and foundational knowledge known form handbooks and school. This should lead us to develop our consciousness.

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Photo credits: | Screen form “The wolf of Wall Street”


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