Christmas shopping as a mass manipulation. Are You gonna participate?

Christmas shopping as a mass manipulation. Are You gonna participate?

Christmas time is coming. This means not only the time when Christians manifest their believes but also social buzz, prices “discounts” and acquiescence to buy something as a gift. When I see people circulating during pre-christmas amok it’s a good object of observations about human behavior. I avoid malls because I don’t feel well in theses hives. Multiple ads flashing into my subconscious mind to trigger my activity to reach into wallet and have something for myself or for friends/family – nope thank you. That’s not for me. I choose to be somewhere else and this is my honest choice. It’s not about I don’t like to give presents. It’s about to think little deeper than only go to the mall and purchase goods. If it’s a big part of social activity so why we are so lazy and minimize our effort so drastically? Instead of this we might look for some DIY tutorials and make something by ourselves like handmade crafts, candles or any other creative ideas.

Crowd psychology.

Crowd behavior heavily influenced by the loss of responsibility of the individual and the impression of universality of behavior, both of which increase with the size of the crowd.

“Psychology of Crowds Revisited” by Hans Toch

After Black Friday 2014 I’m shocked again. Viral videos from all over the world been screening on my computer as a silly carousel pictures. Every daily news magazine websites throwing articles about wild crowd fighting for no reason in a front of Wall Mart queue lines. Online stores like Amazon and eBay also promoted their deals. But online purchasing is quite different story. So I watched and study articles and suddenly one thought stroke me very hard and clear:

“We live in a world where there is some mad rules. One of them is to purchase goods no matter if we need them or not. Just because producers “discounted” their products “coincidentally” on Christmas. Doesn’t matter I have ten pairs of sneakers, I’ll get another one because manufacturer said so.”

So let me double check this: I have to buy something because manufacturers say so! And no matter do I need it or not I’ll get it because it’s relatively cheaper than usual.

You don’t have to be open-minded individual to conclude from this story. It’s a manipulation on a high level. We think companies give us opportunity to get something very cheap, that this is their “gift” to us. But it’s all bull$hit. They want to get rid of goods from the stocks because nobody wanted to purchase before. Also if the price is fairly lower than regular that doesn’t mean we are the winners. Winner is only one and You know who it is! We act like we have some individual “discount” special and only for us. But this is a part of the trick sales marketing specialists use against human population to increase company’s income. They don’t care about:

  • national debt,
  • unbalanced behavior of society,
  • huge gap between rich and poor,
  • human rights especially people who produce these goods for minimal wage in a desperate conditions

So when I see pictures of running people when the doors of mall are opening I think about…ummmmmm….

This situation shows me how modern world exist. People can do a lot for getting material stuff. They will fight, scream, bite just to get this tiny little gadget even if it’s needless. People been treating like a cattle since ages. This is also nothing new. But modern society is even more controlled by corporations which point out a direction where we’re heading – the world of need to have useless things, without real friends, jobless or for a minimal wage. That’s where corporations lead people.

The choice is ours! It’s Our thing what clothing brand, electronic devices, food company we pick. Is it going to be global firm which is profitable from human suffering or is it going to be local small businesses.

It’s worth to have some details about corporative actions against humanity. I picked 4 great documentaries everyone should watch to have a big picture about various cases. Just click on the graphic in the banner below and see full movie.

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