Body in shape | Curse or reason to be happy?

Body in shape | Curse or reason to be happy?
Modern civilization path is changing. From early 60's or even earlier after World War II there was major sociological jump into consumptionism. This was a main cause of getting millions of people to some lazy mode in term of physical activity. Golden era of fast food restaurants and take away food determined a tipping point of human behaviour. From being fit, lean and in shape which was something average back in the days we become obesity, sick and dulled mass of lazy individuals. I guess I can say there is still high amount of that feeling around the world. Watching pictures from 60's people on the beach or on the streets are just more stable, more confident and better looking.
Let's be honest: good looking body shape increases Your way of visual perception of the world surrounding You. You feel better, more confident, happier. In general You get rid of hang-ups about Your overlook hence You got best life ever! I'm not trying to brag about it. In a world where visual concept of other person is important element, we must take action about our own look. Not because we want to impress. It's just because we supposed to be happy and to live it up - use our time life to the fullest. And for the major cases there is totally opposite.

Good Food to Good Look

Talking about body shapes. We are not in 60's any more but we are in a 2015. Year when technology, consciousness and level of knowledge for the people is enormous. Before we have no idea what makes us fat. We might observe some symptoms on our bodies and try to get advice from local dietician or doctor. What they told You was true. There was no Internet, vegan blogs, or vlogers who can tell their stories about illnesses and how to get rid of them.
Present world offers many sources and people use them every day. We got access to brilliant food, read and watch review of products, books and moves and of course millions of physical activities online tutorials which can change Your sculpture even beyond our recognition. It's possible now and it's more easily achievable than ever before.

Cult of body | Fat vs Skinny

We care about how others see us and the first thing we might think is our presence. Body shape is one of the most eye-catching element of our world. We observe and quietly judge other people: on the side walk, in a bus, on TV, pictures, mall - I mean everywhere. Many people claim they're not judging because they are not driven by they ego. Unfortunately they're wrong. Maybe few individuals achieved this on our planet but most of them who claim these words, they don't know what they say. And this process works for both sides of the fence. Good looking people judge fat-looking people. And vice versa. Obese people hate skinny. Comments just pouring every day on the net. Usually XXL sizers had been a target of humiliation and critic. Just remind yourself Your primary school years - almost everyone had laugh at fatty ones. And it was very common. Skinny were untouchable and good-looking were on the top of the perfect shape pyramid. Until now.

Fit and muscular becomes unattractive?

Issue comes up with various conversations about: how woman should look like? Curvy or skinny, muscular or toned, this or that. Millions of tweets and posts appeared under muscular woman's photos. There are growing number of people who suddenly started to be against working out and healthy lifestyle. I'm talking about haters aka trolls who been dissin' in comments and pouring their aggression on the people who only appear on a photos. It started to grow throughout Internet community. Soon many people started to insult. Main theme was:

"Woman doesn't look like a woman any more. They look like a body-builder man"

I wanted to explore more of this weird subject. I head straight to a friend of mine who recently been doing multiple workouts. I ask her about comments as well as any kind of Internet "harassment" she might experienced. I just wanted to know her opinion about what's the real true.
Each One Teach One: What would You say about opinion girls doing workout looks like a bodybuilders hence less female?
Anna: Proportional shape of human body doesn't mean it's full of testosterone. For myself it's a symptom of healthy organism as well as multiple sacrifices and a strong psyche. Let's be honest: woman in a typical men's world needs to work hard, even sometimes they appeared as a stronger individuals than males.
Each One Teach One: But what about body shapes?
Anna: It's a matter of taste. Everyone has it's own preferences and supposed to stick their nose into their own business. Generally speaking this is hard to achieve for most of people. Judging is very easy rather than giving a round of applause. Before we judge let's just have a quick look on ourselves. It took me long time to stop thinking about how do I look in a mirror. What others think? It was a dark period of my life. I wasn't feeling comfortable with myself. I pushed really hard to get where I am now through methodical physical practice. Because of my lifestyle I feel that I'm healthier and happier than before. Great looking body is just a side effect of what I do. There is not much I can do about it 🙂 I do it for myself as well as for my kids which I truly want to have in future.
Each One Teach One: What about online insulting?
Anna: They are just hilarious! 🙂 Most of the people who write this stuff doesn't even know what is physical activity. I know how they feel because I used to be on that side: minimal activity for more than 10 years. I wasn't fat but I didn't feel happy with myself. This is an issue. At the same time I know they have no balls to move their but and do something with this frustration. Instead transforming it into sweat they sit in a front of the screen. People have some weird programs uploaded into their brains that if You working out You become German Democratic Republic's national swimming team member. No worries! You won't get moustaches because of working out 🙂 I just want to feel good with myself, to embrace connection between me, myself and I.
anaEach One Teach One: Ok. But what about posting pictures showing off six packs and muscles. Many people might say You brag online.
Anna: Yes I do publish my pictures showing my posture, and shape of my body. It's not about brag. I just want to show everyone what are benefits of physical workout. That if I could do it they can do it as well easily and it's not pain in the ass. That there is something greater behind working out, not only loosing extra pounds.
Each One Teach One: Any hints and suggestions on working out?
Anna: Eat. Sleep. Practice. Repeat 🙂 After 2 two busy years I developed skill of listening of my body. My first personal teachers (Kasia&Kasia) helped me out a lot. Then I become my own experiment with food and different body reactions. Now I've got my own diet plan. The worst thing is random carvings: sweets, doughnuts etc. To fight back I can eat something instead maybe some nuts. It's pure psychology. For example I like milk but do I have to drink it? No. Because it causes random allergies. So my golden rule is to listen to my body and it'll give me the best choice I can get.
Everything else is very simple:
  1. stop eating sweets, eat organic and unprocessed foods, drink a lot of water
  2. practise hard and rest the best way You can
  3. get some sleep
  4. avoid stress by surrounding Yourself of people who got the same passion as You
 Each One Teach One: Last word?
Anna: Success recipe is: 50% in psychology, 35% is diet and 15% physical activity. This is all connected. If You have big mess in Your head, working out also will be a big mess. The same with food.


Now I am even more satisfied about more and more people doing some workouts. Haters gonna hate and people will post photos of their sixpacks and muscles. Many of them will do it because they need applause. But more often people do it because they want to share that everything is possible in a journey to get better shape. Not to impress others but just to have healthy lifestyle. Thinking about bragging is very straight. I think we should look at the big picture rather than thinking about people possessed by narcissistic routine.

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