How coffee changed Polish urban culture?

How coffee changed Polish urban culture?

It’s not about coffee, it’s about freedom!

Just after I finished my green smoothie breakfast I started to digg for some latest stories on the net. Morning routine as usual. After 8 am I like to digg for one more thing: a cup of coffee with rice milk. This is my ritual which gives me some extra moment of pleasure as well as reshape my mind. Recent Monday morning was little bit different. In my social media stream I spotted some nice thumbnail which instantly caught my attention: a great graph connecting three very close to my daily life elements: city of Warsaw, coffee and filmmaking (documentary). 
This was a short movie about Warsaw and a culture of coffee making and drinking of course. From the mid 90's until now this movement has been grown to the enormous size making a huge mark on a Polish capitol's urban landscape. As far as I remember coffee shop was a dark and crowdy place. Connecting people was in the background. First and foremost at the same time coffee was served with small pints of beer or even vodka shots. So it wasn't exactly culture or movement around social gathering and sharing positiveness. It was more like an Irish pub with coffee in the menu. Many social struggles been flowing around these places and this was a determinant of communist oppression from 80's. People wanted to spit their stories.


Big change.

After 90's a decade of superb shift in Poland emerged. This was a milestone. More western cultures and subcultures came down and grounded to the roots of Polish land. One of these cultures was simply drinking coffee in a cafe rather than in a home. Especially 2000's were pretty big changer with major impact on Polish society. People learned how to socialize together other than in front of the TV screen which was in the 80's very common practice. Now people might feel more free and light-hearted. They could taste what citizens of major capitols in Europe had for decades. 


No more dark.

Also for myself it's a great shift which we can experience nowadays. Rash of small and local coffee shops getting bigger now. Competition growth, money flow and of course a different experiencing of coffee tastes it's a signal of globalization in a positive way. This is great we have access to these goods and now we can pick which place we want to visit just by browsing the net and searching for local area brands. We're not any more abandoned for dark and smoky pseudo coffee shop. Polish people can feel quiescent even in the era where almost every continent has it's own military conflict.



This video is a simple story about how coffee changed the way Polish people look to the world. Even now when I'm writing these words I'm in the middle of my cup of Joe in a local cafe, connected to a Wi-Fi spot and listening some ambient music from the speakers. If You want to see how culture in Poland has changed because of these small private businesses please watch the video below. Oh and by the way: did I mention it's done very modern and in a stylish documentary style? If not I also recommend this as a freelance filmmaker.

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