New pointless gadgets from Apple

New pointless gadgets from Apple

Three days ago at Apple's March Keynote presentation we could see latest technology from Silicon Valley's giant. Big stage, crowd and shouting people at the sight of some brand new iGadgets: laptop and watch. Lots of statistics showing customers and purchases on previous year. Everything in a iWay mode - modern, simple and "innovative". After watching entire presentation I was really disappointed. Why? Here is just a few of my insights. Some might be funny but unfortunately it's more creepy or even ridiculous. Well let's have a look.

Watch can measure.

Measurements of our body is a key element of this "new" device. This is the first thing which really worries me when I think about future of our planet. What is the purpose of using wearable gadget which could measure my blood pressure, sugar level etc. These are classified data only to myself and maybe my doctor in case of any illness. Is this little watch could be my doctor? I don't think so! Measuring itself is nothing wrong but my concern is this device must to storage all my data somewhere. And maybe I don't want to share with any cloud or server my personal details. If celebrity's nude photos could easily leak the same is with our data.

"You decide how Your data is shared"

Wooooo wait a minute! So I can control HOW (giving me some default options) but I have no control on DO I WANT TO SHARE MY DATA. This is ridiculous. It's like giving two options and both are dead end but You might think You have some choice. This potty technique is common in advertisement, politics and marketing for ages. Don't fall for this trick.

Watch can pay.

The only device which I use for paying is my credit card (and PC for online transfers). Getting a new card would be much cheaper than buying a new device. It's another gadget subsiding free (almost) piece of plastic. So why should I pay for watch to use it as a credit card when I got my card as a default, free gift to my bank account. But hey: card is an old fashion piece of junk. Get new device and pay Apple for it 🙂

New world's best laptop MacBook Pro?

After years we reached to the point where corporations upgrade their products and we have to buy it because it's a must-have. No choice available. The same is with latest laptop from Apple. It's thinner than before. So what? What is the problem with Your current laptop which is 30mm height? Is it super important to have 20mm laptop instead? Who cares? 

New type of keyboard which has some innovative keys with special appliance. Saaay what? So they say we need new keyboard. Rrrrright:) The only thing they need isn't perfect keyboard. Company needs profit so they must produce gadgets and extensions which supposed to be upgraded endless. This will create fake demand almost every season.

USB port was even downgraded in current version of laptop to only one port. It's because some new standard called "One-For-All". And Apple say it's amazing to have only one USB! For me it's like a step back to the era when USB was something new and unique. But in 2015 it's pretty common to have at least three USB (comparing to standard PC's).

Health Kit

( "KIT" - this word in Polish language means FAKE or HOAX - what a coincidence;)

Apple claims they care about health. Their apps might be useful in various illnesses to monitor and control level of progress just by purchasing supported devices and downloading apps. The only way is to type Your personal details and medical results into the app and it'll give You clear picture of Your health. Hmm. I'm sorry Apple, I'm not buying this. Why should I share my medical details into some app? The only man I would like to share is my doctor or family members and that's it. Sharing these kind of stuff is just for one purpose: collecting data for future advertisement campaigns as well as customer's psychological overview. Easy.


It's a pity for all of those folks who been at Apple's conference screaming and shouting short after host was presentation new products. It was too FAKE. Consciousness of people is getting better so we are not in the early 2000 when companies could use their dictatorship over illiterate mass. Corporations - You gotta work out harder. The worst thing is Apple designers, programmers etc. they moving products into health area which was strictly for a medical consortium or alternative solutions. Maybe Apple feel that healthy lifestyle is trendy? That's for sure! But one thing creeps me out:

Apple wants to repair human health via digital applications. If this would be true they supposed to change description into charity activity or something. However they are not Red Cross, they are corporation! And they don't care about Your medical status. But there is one thing they care about: Your MONEY, Our MONEY!


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