Health Matters#9 |How I changed my life, for better | Part 1

Health Matters#9 |How I changed my life, for better | Part 1

Travelling man.

I remember my lifestyle before I started to think about any changes. It was simple, easygoing and very predictable. I didn't have any clue about what and why is happening in my life. Day by day I was absorbed in anty system actions called dance and Hip Hop culture. My day was pretty the same, even if I was traveling a lot providing workshops, judging dance events or being a Dj it was some sort of routine I was attached to on a multiple levels. Sometimes my health wasn't so good because of dynamically changing environment. This led me to a fast food lifestyle even if I was (and still am) very skinny/slim boy. But over the years now I know the issue was connected to my health.

It’s a family thing to be sick.

It wasn't about any kind of chronic disease but about having a good health in general. I was very active person so maybe this was my moment of purge and natural boost for immune system. So my body was able to recharge its batteries very fast and at the same time getting rid of some illnesses and toxins throughout daily physical activity. I felt great but it was only an illusion. Deep inside of my body I was weak and sickly. Maybe I had no time to spend a minute on thinking about why I am getting cold so often. This was my pain in the ass. Frequently flu periods emerged every single time temperature dropped down even for a few degrees. At that time my one and only safety exit from the health issue was various pills. Back then I thought it's a real remedy prescribed by the doctor. But it was only placebo to my mind because every time I got cold again I was just wondering why it's going back to me so often? What mistake I made again getting me straight to the same point where I was a month ago? I started to looking for some answers from my family members. But as soon as I ask about my health I head straight to an dead end with the same answer from every relative of mine:

"You always been sickly and susceptible for random illnesses. It's a family thing."

And for 25 years of my life I was sticked to this phrase which was playing in my head over and over like a weird loop of karma. I couldn't imagine winter without flu or cold infection. Very often getting out of practice hall too early in a sweaty t-shirt was my nail to the coffin. I resigned to fight back and I started to realize this will be my future as an adult person.

This story ended up in 2012 for good! Why? After I moved out from my parents I started to dig in to a random medical alternatives for some diseases which I constantly experienced. Searching on the net which back in the late 90's was very hard was my cure. Breaking my old habits let me to stay more focus on what I eat/drink.

My first step was getting involved in to a green smoothie revolution. Who doesn't know what I'm talking about, please google Raw Family or Green Smoothie Prescription by Victoria Boutenko and her family. They discovered green smoothies might cure and finally reverse many illnesses from obesity, heart disease to diabetes. After months of testing finally they compile random recipes which was not only healthy but also crazy delicious. I studied every publication, blog, book and video Raw Family published online. Their study was curative for myself because it was only the beginning of what I discovered later in my life. This was only a trigger to action, to a fresh start and to accept of what should I change in my entire lifestyle to prevent and reverse illnesses. Even if I was very physical active person I didn't have clue about what is inside my body and what reactions happen every single moment I delivered a piece of meal into my bloodstream.

Anyway: this is only introduction to what steps I took to change my life dramatically from dull and blank into full of colors and tastes I've never try before. In the next part I'll share with You what happened next when I started to drink a green smoothies as a daily routine.

To be continued...

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