Do You like Your job?

Do You like Your job?

Imagine a place where You have to appear every single day from Monday to Friday and You do random things in a specific period of time. Doesn't matter what You do. You just have to stay there and be active. This is what we call JOB or WORK. It's something we must do rather than want to do. Vast majority of population would quit or even never start this kind of activity just because of one major problem: submissiveness. Very first minute we think about work or job, we do this particular research in our mind called association. It's attached so powerful to our brain like we feel weakness right away. Work hence obeyness as well as something non-democratic and depriving. Modern world based on a manpower and technology. It was created by us, human beings. But to work doesn't have to be always a must. What we must is only the thing of nature like human internal processes and needs. Maybe need of survival, maybe need of being loved - everyone has his own needs. Back in the days there was no need to work. It was some kind of free choice and willingness.

Human race could live without work. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying we should all quit our work and stay at bed watching Netflix.My point is: we used to understand meaning of work in a different way. Not as something what we been forced to do (like millions of people worldwide) and trapped in a weird monetary spiral but as a inner need to create, share and produce goods. To transform our creative  thoughts in to a tangible things.  Unfortunately modern history made many of us some sort of slaves. Even if we think we are free to go it's not true. We can't just quit and pay the bills by a kind smile or shake of a landlord's hand. No providers will accept that. So is there any chance to live in a modern world without everyday struggle based on a lack of goods or valuable things which are a key element for our survival? Many of You will say no, there isn't. We must work and use salary for survival lifestyle. And here I am with my first and foremost fundamental question for YOU! Are You ready??? Here it is:

Are You happy of what You do on a daily basis during Your work hours? 

Before You answer think twice. I know the idea of happiness it's a individual thing. Just ask Yourself are You closer to negative emotions and dullness or You are humble to experience something new every single day. Perfect solution and something groundbreaking for me is a concept presented in one of the latest episodes of The Freakonomics Radio podcast called "Think like a child". Producers concluded brilliant thing about working:

"My son can play a video games 8 hours straight without break. But will he work in Mc Donald's for 8 hours, of course not. Why? The solution is simple. If You can transform Your job in to something same fun and entertaining as video game, as an employee You get a line of people want to have this kind of job"

I'll say the same. Create Your work environment same fun and creative like activity You do just for Your entertainment  or passion/hobby. It's almost the same like following Your dreams is the key to the best job ever. This statement appears more and more around the employment area but not only there. It becomes my life motto and a path which I follow since early 2000's. So before You start complaining about job You do, think if this is what You would like to do for living. If You combine these two things (happiness and daily activity) together I'll guarantee Your life will change dramatically.

If You want to listen full episode about how different is thinking like a child listen to this episode of Freakonomics Radio Podcast.

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