What role do You play everyday?

What role do You play everyday?

We are human beings. A living organisms. We think, we feel, we love as well as we hate. These determinants shows we are living creatures. But what is real being? Animal is a being, ant is a being, maybe tree is a being as well. Human is a very specific being. Despite all of the facts and other „creatures” we have some unique abilities. Some of them are blessing but there are also „dark side” of man-kind skills. Animals, plants, worms, insects they’re all close to the nature. What doest it mean? It means they are free form of life, free from being fake because there is no natural sense of faking.

However we humans are totally out of the natural norm. We play certain role every single day. We act in the game called Life. Life is layered on every level by different laws, warrants, do’s and don'ts. Rules are very good in societies. They can help and unify behaviors of random people. Even if it can cause some disorders in society this is still good idea of subjugate. So if Life is some kind of game, this requires some players or actors in this case - Us. So here we are. Right in the middle of fake rat race, struggling everyday in many circumstances. 

Let's take simple and fundamental word "Person". What it means? Looking for the origins of this word I found this in random dictionaries:

- in Greek - Person means MASK

- in Latin - Person means actor's MASK or ROLE

- in Etruscan ancient civilization - means FACE or MASK 

So this led me to the thinking about why we use this term in description of a human being? If I use "Person" term it seems to be some kind of word games. As I believe words can create and reveal our reality. Using term which has confusing meaning or negative and fake charge is just bad option. Because it creates my reality fake. So if I name myself or other human being a person, this is their role or mask. Something they wear or who they meant to be.

Nowadays it's very the same. We wear mask and it's obvious. Why? Ask yourself who You are? Lawyer, dancer, carpenter, taxi driver, teacher, father, grandmother, a son, nephew etc. All kind of our live scenarios are just A ROLE we play. In greater picture we are unique individuals, even without identity, territorial or any subculture or society affiliation. Because what is for example being American or Polish? It's a role! Based upon territory You occupy. Lawyer? Also role based on Your education path or parents expectations. So every single terrestrial activity is a role. The way we dress, think and behave is a role! And we should accept it.


Especially it's seen in todays communication between people. This is very common. What we see in a Social Media is classic example. We post every single day what we do, where we travel, what we eat. And if You scroll down Your Facebook or Instagram wall what is there? You and Your experiences, smiling people, delicious food, marvelous landscapes. You won't see sad faces, tears and bad people or losers. You'll see only good vibes and better version of ourselves. If we would like to share full of private life this would include also bad moments. Instead we select only good things. Why? Because our role in nowadays society is to be happy, healthy and original and society accept that. So Social Media should change their name from Social to Only (Fake) Positive. And don't get me wrong. My daily lifestyle is probably the most positive routine I've ever experienced. I'm just getting deep down in to this. If we get daily informations from Social Media and we follow people who is always happy this might be false information for us. And I don't want to have false information from Social Media. Leave this area to mainstream media, they know what to do and how to do it on a master level.


Best example how it works is The Mask - movie from early 90's. Man who found mask shortly after he put it on his face transformed his nightlife into deepest desires materialization. Wearing mask was some kind of relief and curse at the same time. But it was fiction. Or not?

Wearing mask is very common in modern world. Ask Yourself: What mask do You wear? And don't tell me You are true and real on because I won't believe it. Why? Not because You are not real. It's because Social media and modern lifestyle in general is based upon some role. Culture, religion, demography, education, wealth status, occupation - basically all aspects of our life are masks. Foundation of modern life is playing role. It's accepted, it's cool and sometimes it's needed or even required in so many situations. If someone ask You who are You most of us will introduce by name and occupation. So we use role and label (which is our name and surname) describing ourselves in front of other people. Why? Because it's required. By saying that You facilitating to other people Your own "image". Thanks that they can locate You in society's pyramid.

We truly are not what society or culture said we are. We have labels on every level of our life and we think it's true. Unfortunately It's not. So who we are? You, me, next door neighbor, parents, family, friends they are all HUMAN BEINGS. Infinite individuals. Equal and with the same capacity for live, love and exist in this world. Without labels like names, occupation or education position, wealth status etc. If we might just hypothetically think about world this way this is a game-changer. Totally flips this world upside down. I know nobody will accept this straight away but maybe one day this revelation will touch greater number of Earth's population. Why this might be hard to achieve right now? Because with thinking like this there won't be any wars, corporational greed, fake politicians who rule just for their own business. And they'll not be happy to see this kind of global awakening.

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