The Spot#4 – Roslina Cafe | Warsaw | Poland

The Spot#4 – Roslina Cafe | Warsaw | Poland

Every time I come to Roslina Cafe I am amazed by dope food, friendly service and of course cozy vibe. But first my journey and adventure with this nice place has started about year ago. I was waiting until my next dance class comes up so I had a two hours break. Spending free time in a Dance Studio is cool but something touched me and I decided to take a walk. Weather was great, sun was shining. The only thing I was always looking for was vegan or vegetarian restaurant near studio’s area. There was none! The only spot I found relatively close was french cafe with lots of sweet cakes and chocolate desserts. I don’t claim it was bad - not at all. But keeping animal products out of my body became my number one rule. So I only left with a cup of Joe. Soon after I getting back to the Studio I saw this fresh new banner on the corner of the same building. I saw plant based logo called „Roslina Cafe” which simply means „Plant Cafe”. That was it! Finally. I went straight through the main doors asking: „Is it going to be place where I could get some vegan or plant based food?” The answer was: Yes!!!
Couple days after cafe was opened I was there checking menu and the whole concept of design of this comfy place. The vibe was straight to my mind. I could feel positiveness as soon as I hit small bench placed under the stairs on the lower level of the cafe. This quickly becomes my spot for spending my free time between dance classes reading or writing stuff. Even right now writing these words I’m here: )


Vegan or vegetarian places are very specific. People who is visiting them are strictly conscious and focused on specific sensations. Especially on plant based food. For myself it doesn't matter how You call it: vegan, vegetarian or any other label. I just want to eat clean and freshly made food based on a plants. And what we can get in the menu is really tasty. We got plant based burgers, soups, sandwiches with a lot of greens, fresh juices and of course cakes. What surprised me was when I wanted to have a veggie patty without bun, there was no problem:) I got my beet patty with salad on a side! Hooray! All servings are vegan, some of them are vegetarian. Cakes are healthy made from plants plus raw chocolate. Gluten free cakes? No problem. You can get one as well 🙂 My pick was carrot cake with a cashew nuts icing and a piece of orange! 🙂 Damn it's so good!:) There is also wide range of smoothies and freshly squeezed juices. Also a various number of snacks for take away like vegan protein bars or rare bottled teas.

Quick story: One day I was chilling in Roslina Cafe and some couple appeared. They asked about burgers. AS soon as they got informed about non-meat burgers they been little bit surprised and admitted honestly that the love meat and burgers. Somehow they ended up with coffee and some vegan cake! Usually when we see unsatisfied customers in a front desk we can expect some complaints but not here:)


"It's all about energy in the place. Here in Roslina Cafe we care about vibe. We charge this place and we keep all space clean. What this means? We know that energy has massive influence on people especially in small spaces. So we charge our Cafe of positiveness every day to keep it nice, clean and bright. And this is for our customers as well as for ourselves"

said Pawel co-owner of Roslina Cafe

I'm truly 100% down for this approach. My experience is the same. Clean and positive energy is essential especially in small places where people's vibe might affect other person sitting next to her or him. Best example how energy affect us is shopping mall. Go there and spend 3-4 hours of not doing anything specific. Just be there, You can walk or sit in a cafe or You can go shopping. After a while You become tired. Because energy flows around and malls are agglomeration of energies from thousands of individuals, not always positive ones:)


Next stop: a cup of coffee. Different kind are in the menu. From regular flat white, latte, americano, espresso straight to some experimental new ones like drip coffee, aeropress and more. Plant based milk is available: soy, almond, coconut or oat. Deliveries of coffee from original and tasty roasted plants from comes from all over the world but also from local brands. Tea is also on the table. So many delicious tastes that it's hard to decide. Unless You can smell straight from the jar and pick one rather than just being informed about what taste and flavour You want to choose 🙂

Plants are everywhere in a cafe. Space is small and cozy which makes this area very friendly environment for people. During summertime there is another space outside cafe. One in the front of the entrance and another one is garden. Garden is beautiful and even if it's close to the street (mostly unoccupied by cars but by local people walking) it has beautiful facade aka live green fence separating customers from outside world. Evenings makes this place even more awesome because of the lights hanging around the trees straight above the people's heads. So romantic! 🙂


This is definitely my spot for spending my free time. Even if I have nothing to do I can visit Roslina Cafe and use their bookcrossing bookshelve to pick some reading. If not I can listen to very good selected music which is playing moody in a background. If not I can just sit back relax and have a chat with waiter or chef who are very kind and fully aware of what they serve. I'm looking forward to this creative place. Live music concerts, organized events about healthy eating or making good coffee, screenings and many more in the future will give Roslina Cafe's serious and concrete position on the map of Warsaw's healthy cafes. Oh and by the way, there is a huge label in a front doors stating that dogs are very welcome 🙂

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