Thai Massage – clear your mind and body.

Thai Massage – clear your mind and body.

This was the most sophisticated and honest birthday gift for me. As a dancer I experienced almost all painful moments in my let’s say “career”: broken bones, twisted fingers, dislocations. To get back to shape, I supposed to attend some massage as a part of recuperation…but unfortunately I didn’t:)

Thai Massage
Thai massage is one of the best way to relax your body and mind.

I thought massage is just only a pleasure laying on the bed and chasing after rainbow. Simply nothing special. Quickly I changed my mind after first 20 minutes of my 1,5 h session! I visited “Chai Yo” (Warsaw, Poland) – small and cozy Thai Massage Center where from the beginning staff treat you with subtlety trying to explain all rules. First of all Kinga (personal guide) explained that Thai Massage has nothing to do with any kind of erotic/sexual service. This is very hard-to-break stereotype made by Hollywood movies, social mocking rumors, etc. I was informed about some facts:

  • only real thai-born woman will provide therapy
  • all the employees got their knowledge from thai “Wan Po” Temple (Bangkok)
  • massage is a fusion of Yoga elements, acupressure and reflexology

She warned me that after full massage on the next day my muscles might be sore. I wasn’t bothered of this advice and that was my bad:)

Thai Massage1,5 hour was like a blink of an eye! During my session I discovered some hidden pain around my muscles which I never knew before. After all I felt alleviation and delightful state of mind. It was brilliant experience. I cannot reveal You all techniques and details because You need to try this for yourself. This option is for all of You who got lots of psychically activity in a daytime routine but also for those who work in the office. Kinga – recepcionist said:

“Thai massage is not only for athletes who need to restore their strength – this is only half of meaning of this therapy. Usually we’ve got clients who got very stressful jobs, who experienced some hard time on their life path, people who somehow psychologically got hurt”

This was my first time in the Thai Massage Center. You can find your own local spot because it’s getting more popular. I would say go for it and try only once and then decide is it for You or not. In the beginning I was skeptical about it but after what thai woman told me about my muscles I realized her diagnoses are relevant.

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