Dancehall world – is it right place for male dancers?

Dancehall world – is it right place for male dancers?

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[dropcap4]T[/dropcap4]hat problem is related only with Europe, but people are getting more conscious. As we know (or should know) dancehall was created by guys. Yes ladies, men “invented” that wonderful style, beginning from naming simple steps. Later, so called Dancehall Queens, came up. Women, by making booty shakes, splits, wines and head stands became the best known element of the culture. They also gained a lot of attention in Europe. The famous singer Sean Paul brought there a bit of Jamaica. In his clips we can see many beautiful ladies making shakes and wines. Many people started interpreting them as a pure and the truest Dancehall.

[blockquote3]As everybody knows that ladies and nudity are easy to sell in the commercial world. That is why many people don’t understand the essence of Dancehall.[/blockquote3]

orville1Nowadays dance is so popular that in whole Europe Dancehall workshops are being effectuated. Mostly in Russia and France, where “Big up Kemp”, where you have a chance to learn from the best Jamaicans, regularly takes place. We gain another kilograms of knowledge about that dance style. There are more and more conscious people. As a man I mindfully say that for every guy it is a great responsibility to become a Dancehall dancer because you must understand that your are not allowed to do booty shakes and you must share that. That culture is really anti-gay. Shakes are reserved for ladies, and men are supposed to literally watch them.

In Europe there are more and more men fascinated with Dancehall. They are learning steps, working on their feeling and making choreographies. There are many new dance techniques, with Dancehall as their foundation, such as ragga or dancehall + azonto. However, every instructor (including me) are passing on the rules of true Dancehall. As a male dancer you need to know that there are not many of us but you still have to accept the culture. The most important things are training of your body and learning new steps, which will be helpful in showing that there are other things than booty shakes. There are many tunes, that contain step’s names, as well as powerful riddims. Every day men are discovering new aspects of Dancehall. Many steps are similar to those from other styles and different acrobatics derive from bboying. You must stay virile and self-confident. dancehallmale2You can try to become a Dancehall king dominate and show that women should strive for dancing with you. Of course pretty bottoms all over the place make up additional advantage.

More and more people understand that Dancehall really has a lot to offer. Greater consciousness is also more noticeable. We slowly forget about stereotypes and show the real side of mens Dancehall and girls in Europe are focusing on learning new steps and improving their body control. Every day it gets easier for us and every new guy will be very helpful in spreading Dancehall worldwide.


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