Technology growth equals lack of emotions.

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[dropcap4]D[/dropcap4]uring my long weekend, I was chilling at a beautiful spot where there was a lot of forests, river and great lake with beach. This view was a good steppingstone from my daily routine. I met some new people, tried some new meals, got inspired by pure of the nature.

I was sitting in the front of the coffee shop and I noticed a mother with her son. They stopped by to get some beverage, like me. Their short visit in the cafe was a groundbreaking discovery for me. During their 25 minutes stop for Coke and Cafe Latte, a whole conversation between them was like this:

[blockquote3]”Would You like to get some more?….Nope.”[/blockquote3]

Thats it! Nothing more happened. No words, no gestures, no any kind of interaction. Mother was sitting all the time and looking towards the horizon, like she was totally in the other dimension. Her son had a great time having his Iphone 5 in his hands, playing some game. That was very sad look.

Kid with IpadBut unfortunately it’s not a rare case. I see more and more young generation is getting addicted from hi-tech gadgets: smartphones, tablets, etc. I don’t say technology is bad, but it’s getting us to the point where nobody will speak to each other any more. Especially we need to control gadgets in hands of our own children. But it’s not only a child-thing. Same with adults.

I’ve seen parents standing in the front of the stage where their kid was performing some dance routine. Instead of watching and enjoying this beautiful, unique moment – they were like a robots, holding Ipad in the front of their face recording shaky footage. They didn’t care about the show, they were setting up some options during performance. Their head was covered exactly by huge tablet. So we are also exposed for technology thread.

We can bring our child (or ourself) in to the specialist of “Internet and gadgets addiction” and pay plenty of cash to get some therapy. But this sounds scary to me and to my wallet! Rather than this, we can simply change our behaviors and habits:

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[tcol]Be more conscious about how we treat our children and other people in general.[/tcol]
[tcol]Stop looking all the time into the screen of our tablet or smartphone. HEADS UP![/tcol]
[tcol]If You want to record some footage don’t stare at the screen! Get a tripod, hit the rec button and watch LIVE performance.[/tcol]
[tcol]Use gadgets for purposes which help you to grow and collect informations about what You are interested in. Stop playing stupid GAMES![/tcol]


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