6 things we fear most!

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6 aware
[dropcap2]O[/dropcap2]ur thoughts are the most organized form of energy. We as a human kind discovered that anxiety are main reason of poverty, failures, unhappiness which appear in many forms. We also understood person who tame all misgivings can be successful man in any project or venture against all adversities.

Self-development begin from getting rid of demon called “anxiety“. This demon is whispering to our ear subconsciously
” You can’t do it, You don’t event try, You afraid of being exposed on Your weaknesses, You have no skills”. 
This demon is closer than ever but we’ve got a deadly weapon against it.
Let’s analyze 6 most powerful demons and how to fight back.

6. Afraid of being poor!

     This afraid based on people’s tendency of using other people on purpose. Our satisfaction is not beating other people (like animals do) but we need to humiliate them financially. We feel like a boss when we got nice amount of cash on our bank account. But when we have less we feel awful. That’s why we afraid of being poor. Society is no longer about friendship anymore.
Nowadays I must say we can write “$ociety” instead of capital “s”. We need wellness and money so much, we could sacrifice everything to get them: people can rob other man, rape and even kill just to proof his position in a financial $ociety. All of those would be forgiven and accepted when someone is super rich! So being poor is more like a criminal activity or some kind of sin. And this is our nature.

5. Afraid of aging!

It has roots in two things:
– being old is making us poor
– afraid of coming other, worse and horrible world after death
We don’t trust other people because we thing after our death they will intercept our treasures.

4. Afraid of being criticize! 

We all got this fear in a very developed form. Most of the clothing companies based their strategy on this activity. Every season we see new stuff coming out. Who create them? Creators, not we definitely. Why? Of course to sell more. They know we afraid of wearing something not cool and not trendy.

3. Afraid of losing our love one! 

This afraid is one of the most horrible in an emotional way. Our nature is telling us to steal someone’s partner. Way back back in the time, in a stone age man steal woman by using force. Nowadays we do it bit different.  We don’t use force anymore. We use fancy clothes, cars, alcohol and the power of money.

2. Illness afraid.

It’s completely connected with afraid of being old and poor. Alcohol and drugs industries are involved deeply in this fraud. Also doctors (not all of them). They make money as an health advisors. But healthy people is not profitable business. So more sick people, more money in those industries.

1. Death phobia.

For most of us this one is the most scary. It’s strictly connected with religious fanatics – it’s the main cause of this afraid. We ask ourself: ” Who am I, Where am I from, what is the end?” Many fake mentors try to indoctrinate us, or to give us the answer. But we don’t need anyone who must study our own personality – we know everything the best. Heaven and hell… Is it real? Nobody knows, nobody will explain how it is on the “other side” and where we are heading in the future. Religion leaders try to sell us ticket to heaven. They claim our world is here because of their religion. But it’s wrong.


We don’t give You a secret formula how to fight back with all above. Here we’ve got only ingredients included on most common phobias. In our next article we will try to find some simple solutions but in the meantime You should think about it. Are they real or not and how we are related to them?


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