Education by arts? Urban education alternative.

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educate e1t1a[dropcap2]A[/dropcap2]ge of technology and creative solutions is greater than ever. People got very deep insight in an education and knowledge itself. We know how education system works: go to school, listen, learn, remember and pass the exams to get a good mark and degree. It’s almost the same system , doesn’t matter what country You live. There is limited innovatory in that particular area.

Dr. Chris Emdin (Columbia University) founded program called: “Science Genius” . This is a pilot program for teaching youth a typical science subjects using rap lyrics. This is something very new in an educational system. The program is created in a very smart way. It allows youth to express themselves, creating rap lyrics based on a science lessons. Minimal requirement is to use all knowledge and terms which teacher used during a regular class.

In my opinion this is an extraordinary opportunity for students to use their memory in a right way, because usually our brain has to remember only big words and terms straight from books. There are no emotions in it, so this causes memory failure later on. Dr. Emdin is kind of insider in an educational system. He knows Hip Hop culture rules and this let him guide youth from the wrong path to successful knowledge. Through artistic activities they can remember and visualize more advanced terms. And writing them down as a lyrics to rap beats is the golden key to learn. Unfortunately this program appears only at some of the Bronx’s schools. But I hope this is just the tip of the iceberg.

My verdict is clear:  average education system is totally out of date in terms of present realit y. Urban education will be a future for our next generations. It allows our kids to think creative instead of reading useless books trying to remember some facts.

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