Satanic Illuminati in a dance community?? 3 biggest lies I’ve ever heard!

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illuminati banner new[dropcap2]I[/dropcap2] was shocked! When I saw this weird title of Youtube video I thought this might be another dumb footage trying to be viral. The name was: “Satanic Illuminati Dance Exposed! and more!” My first impression was to not take it seriously. I mean there is way too much stuff on the net named like this. But I tried to put myself in a struggle and watch this 47 minutes long clip. From the beginning I knew I won’t find any revelations. Anyway I decided to take my chance.

During this long presentation I’ve been literally illuminated by the number of strange facts prefabricated on purpose. Authors of this video claimed that dance (street styles like: breaking, popping, locking and more) is a satanic activity throughout human body. That dancing is like a worshiping of the devil because of its formula. They tried to explain on a numerous of examples why You should stop to dance and even what consequences behind when You will not.

One thing was really odd! Authors claimed that dancers have some sort of extraordinary abilities which drives them to evil. In my opinion is exactly opposite. These talents are unique gifts to express dancer’s state of mind. Not many people have it. Authors discredit and criticize these skills so badly, that hell’s fire is the only end for dancers who own ones. This reminded me 12th century inquisition against so called heresy – if someone had an extraordinary gifts (ex. telepathy – mentioned in the video) were burned at the stake, period!

For myself above arguments are inconclusive and unacceptable for an open-minded individual. More disturbing sentences emerged as I was watching this mad video.

Cypher style - IBE 2013

[highlight]Quote 1: “…Dance is their GOD and they must to worship it.“[/highlight]

This claiming is totally wrong. I know hundreds/thousands dancers personally and I’ve never heard stuff like this! Many of the dancers I know they are truly religious persons (doesn’t matter what religion). Nobody place a dance above spirituality! I guess authors of the video doesn’t really know what is the difference between an art form which dance truly is and being religious – which isn’t an art because it’s a state of mind.

[highlight]Quote 2. “…When You meditate You allow demons to take over.”[/highlight]

Meditation might be a deep relief from physical and psychological pain. It also is being practicing by millions of dancers or yogins worldwide, including religious ones. There is nothing wrong with it. So is it fair to cross them out rapidly? By the name of who? Authors said that during meditation You might be under influences of demon so they should pray for their souls. But meditation is a form of prayer to GOD! So authors are limited in their narrow understanding of meditation as well as prayer.

[highlight]Quote 3: “..If You dance to non Christian music it seems to be satanic.”[/highlight]

This sounds to me like a selfish valuation of what is good and what is not through the lens of specific religion. We must admit that we dance mostly to non-religious music. Of course funk and some oldschool soul got some lyrics about Christianity but most of Hip Hop, Rap and Funk songs doesn’t. Does it mean almost 99% of street dancers around the globe are evil?  Unfortunately for authors there are couple other religions on this planet and everyone might have their own opinion. The point is: Dance is above any religion, race or nationality! This is fundamental for dancers worldwide. 


I feel sorry for those people who tries to expose some satanic forces behind dance community. This is ridiculous! I could  consider satanic rituals throughout celebrities in the music/film industry but dance is totally different thing.

Dance is not a culture controlled by anyone! Dance is the freedom of expression, dancers are beings with limitless potential. Dancer’s abilities are extraordinary! Average people can only watch what dancers can do with their artistic bodies. Dancers are the creators, innovators, an entertainers. But also dancers got their open mind, because of artistic point of view. This is why nobody can control dancer’s community.



  1. Harry says:

    My prayer is that God will open the eyes of they who are blinded by the God of this world. These dances are dangerous for our youth.

  2. Harry says:

    These dances do have origins to ancient Canaanite worship ritual dances in which they would commit sexually immorality and in some cases they would burn their children in the fire.

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