Listen to the youth – They know what they say.

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01_group2[dropcap2]M[/dropcap2]ost of adults got one equivalency – they treat youth as a beings who supposed to be guided and lead into grown man world. This way of thinking is super selfish and egoistic. Its all about listening and paying attention for the details which we as adults think we know best. Unfortunately this is just only a stereotypical thinking in terms of being smarter and more educated than youth.
During my traveling I met various people with different outlook. This year my trip to a mountain side location in south east Poland (as a dance teacher and educator) was a great opportunity to chat with dancers as well as with youth who never been choreographed or being on a dance classes. After 10 days of dance classes I decided to get more into a cultural and psychological way of sharing my vision of what Hip Hop culture is.
I asked youth to do a simple exercise: write short essay about how they got into dance, what is the most important benefit of dancing and how they see their future.  The answers were amazing!

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Quotes from Youth.

#1. “Dance gave me an opportunity to develop myself. Art is very effective because I don’t have to obey to anyone, anything and I can be myself at the same time learning new stuff”

AD#1. Freedom is the most important aspect of human existence. Being in a system which guide us at all the times is just living our life on a auto-pilot mode – unconscious, unaware and being ready to fully controlled by others. Expression of ourselves is another key factor for future successful life. School doesn’t provide adequate tools for expressing themselves.

#2. “Having a hobby might be a cure for lack of creativity. Even if it’s something small it can give me an alternative or additional education instead of only being educated by teachers in school who mostly are closed-minded”

AD#2. Many books been written about how school teachers trying to devastate creativity of youth. Throughout exercise books and lack of school time it’s almost impossible to teach youth basic knowledge and at the same time provide them some useful amount of creative solutions. Until you think you have no time for this it’s safer to stay out of motivational aspects.

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#3. “My parents don’t think that I could be successful in my future artistic life because of how unprofitable profession like  dance is”.

AD#3. The biggest lie ever:) Parents don’t even know how great and rich artistic lifestyle might be. They still are in the same state like years ago when their parents tried to convince then to get a well paid job in a corporation or government area. Even if they experienced artistic activities back in the days they had not enough of courage to live in this way. It’s better to stay in their comfort zone and do not risk their happiness of being financially independent. As an average employee they know world works in this way, but fortunately is not:)

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#4. “I can improve my social skills throughout dance and art. I can deal with other people more effective, I can be less shy, I’m not afraid of being in front of group acting, speaking, dancing or just expressing my thoughts”.

AD#4. Deep and honest expression of one of my students. Dance and other artistic activities teach us how to act in a certain situations: not always positive. School, parents, friends – none of those can give us perfect solution on how to react. But thanks to art we are able to shift our state of mind from struggling into positive expression.

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#5. “Dance allows me to forget about everyday struggles. When I’m dancing I am in a totally different world, which is my own world, with my own rules”.

AD#5. Art is partially about how to use our imagination. Real world is not always in a form of rose-tinted glasses. Usually when we struggle we look for some sort of steppingstone. If it doesn’t work one way we search for another. Imagination is useful tool for visualizing what we want, or how our life should look like. If we think about negativity we attract it to our life. The same thing is with positiveness. The power of the universe is such a clever beast that it listen to our requests and simply gives us certain amount of it. It’s simple as placing order in a McDonald’s queue:)

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Youth Power!

Before we judge youth for being rookie in a everyday life let’s just consider that they know exactly what they want to do. But our adult state of mind tells us to guide them all the time. Instead pushing them into random activities let’s think about how to inspire them to use their beautiful abilities! They all got it as a default human being, great individual! They GOT IT!

Throughout education process they might forget how to be creative and free in psychological way. So we as a adults supposed to listen to the youth generation! Listen and learn, study them and hear their voice in a noisy environment.

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