Dj Shorty82 – Special Mixtape for Each One Teach [Free Download]

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mixtape_e1t1[dropcap2]W[/dropcap2]e love collaborations! πŸ™‚ Thanks to modern technology and speed of broadband connection we are able to send large files in a blink of an eye. That’s how we stay connected with our friends, family or we can meet new people.

I met Dj Shorty82 back in the early 2000’s at one of the Bboy Jams in Poland. Later on we’ve been chilling together in Dublin (Irealnd) at the Bboy Spots and digging for some rare grooves in the record stores. I remember he was always trying hard on the dance floor as well as about digging in the crates. He was always looking for some unique style, like no one else. He’s very active as a Underground Hip Hop DJ, making Mixtapes on a regular basis. In my opinion he might need more exposure throughout the net just because he deserves it as a honest and truthful content creator. That’s why we decided to make a collaboration and have his latest Mixtape made special for Each One Teach One!

This is a strictly underground hip hop Mixtape made 100% from only vinyl records! No digital files! Whole thing was made live and direct on the two turntables and a mixer as it should be done!:) Shorty82 is taking You deep down into Underground Hip Hop. So relax, enjoy and have fun with this beautiful piece of art!

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Pawel Kowalczyk aka Dj Shorty (Pila City, Poland). In 1995 as a 11 year old kid started his journey into Breaking community with local Bboys and year after that he been traveling to Germany for Battle Of The Year. Since then he’s been very deep into various elements of Hip Hop Culture (Graffiti and Underground Hip Hop, Soul, Funk). In 2004 he visited Norfolk (VA, USA) where he collected his first Dj setup with vinyl records.

Dj Shorty82 is a strictly vinyl junkie that means he doesn’t accept digital files. After he met Dj BeatPete (Mellow Orange Music, Berlin) he started play various Mixtapes with rare beats from great Hip Hop producers.

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