Terror in every mainstream media flows around the world.

Terror in every mainstream media flows around the world.

Every morning my daily routine is simple and easy. Exercises, Yoga, green smoothie, feeling of happiness and affirmation for having a great day. Next thing I like to do is quick check for online worldwide breaking news. And believe me or not this task is one of the shortest from my daily routine. It supposed to be more time-consuming to get correct information and think for a few minutes about global issues. Unfortunately it’s not and I don’t think it’ll change rapidly within next few years.

I was wondering why is that? And the answer popped up very sudden. To explain this more clearly let me just quote some headlines from top mainstream media sources.

Now, every single web page I’ve opened has on a front page a terrorist, guns, policeman, soldier, crime place, death people or politicians. This is a fundamental cause of negative emotions introduced to the audience across mainstream media. It doesn’t matter what news You are checking. Media are pretty sure morning bright and clear mind will get the right amount of negativeness from the main source.

Maybe scrolling down the page will help? So what we got here:

  • ad’s
  • bikini girls
  • boops
  • diets
  • celebrities
  • cars
  • gadgets
  • animals
  • small children
  • movies
  • forecast
  • more ad’s
  • economics
  • shows
  • tweets and social buzz

Combining these light core and funny pics & videos with military-based negative reports we have a wide range of emotions running through our head (from pseudo positive to negative, from laugh to cry, from happiness to sadness). And this is every single morning! For millions of people around the world daily routine is checking news. I might ask myself: is there any positive things happening around our planet? Because according to the news there’s not many!

So what does it mean for us when we are bombarded by such a negative world view not even every morning but also during the day as well in the evening – a whole day we might say!?

When we read those messages and reports we attract emotions the to ourselves in some say. Attraction has a powerful force behind so it’s quite easy to intercept source of the news to our mind (subconsciously). And the source is bad from it’s core. Not because of people who edit or produce these news are bad. It’s just a schedule of TV stations and web pages is focused on fear and some sort of madness which must be transfered and widely spread. They can use statistics very smart to control what news and on what time they supposed to publish. Everything is scheduled like in a Swiss watch. I’m not telling a conspiracy theories media against humanity. It’s just a simple summary of what we read and watch daily.

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What should we do about it?

The solution is even more simple than You think. And it really works! Maybe not for everyone but it works for me perfectly. What I do? I surround myself by positive news every single day! Despite of every negativeness around the net and TV there is a really huge amount of useful and positive websites with daily news. Use them as Your routine especially in the morning. In a rush it’s easy to turn the TV on and watch news channel but we need to know the risk. Even if You are not watching it throughout Your eyes, the message is flowing in Your house affecting all matter and people around You. And it’ll reach You no matter what because of it’s nature and main core – to touch as many people as it’s possible. Isn’t this a mainstream media ultimate goal?

Maybe it’s well known we have to surround ourselves by positiveness. Maybe many of You say: “It’s a bull$hit”. But we have nothing to lose. We have a right to chose what news we want to watch. If it’s going to be mainstream buzz our day and at the end our life will look like these news! I’m not trying to scare You but that is a reality.

There are thousands of daily updated independent blogs and websites treating about world’s situations. My recommend is to find Your way of getting everyday news on the net. The thing is mainstream’s opinion is based on a various aspects which are known only for the man behind the curtain. I want to know what is happening on our planet and I demand only one thing – reliableness and not colorized commentary. And this is what we can get only from alternative sources of news which is a blogosphere itself.

Find few sources of news and You’ll see how it’ll change Your morning rituals from making You stiff and obey into aware and conscious individual.

Good luck!

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