Health Matters#11 – Why we get old?

Health Matters#11 – Why we get old?

Stomach is stubborn but Heart is smart.

Human body is a great machine. According to Eastern knowledge our body is a host for soul. Somehow every single cell has its own ability to think. Also we can communicate with these cells in various ways. One of them is the easiest way just by focusing on organ we have problem with. We can chat with organs in our own way. Like humans, different organs has different "character". For example stomach and liver are "stubborn" so it's little bit harder to communicate. That's why we should be unhesitating and demanding for health and proper functionality. Heart is wise so we might "speak" more gently to it. But You can think "speaking" to our guts is little bit weirdo. Unless You can try this simple exercise:

Photo by: Luca RossatoSit down or lay down on the bed, relax muscles, release all tensions. Place Your right hand in the place where You feel pain or You been infected by some illness. Keep it out there for about 10-15 minutes and just simple "talk" to the organ. For example: if You have arrhythmia talk to Your heart to stabilize its beat.
I know it might sounds crazy but what You can lose? The steak is not that high. Nobody will know. It could be helpful. If not, it's OK. You just wasted 15 minutes of Your time. The thing is as You decide to try it make sure You do it for real, that conversation is honest. Mother nature equipped us in a self-defence or even self-healing system. We just have to start the engine.

Feeling old? Ageing it's a state of mind!

Every time I see someone's birthday anniversary I hear the same thing: "I'm getting old". Even if they turn 20's or 30's the rule is the same, getting older, weaker and more wrinkled. I always question this and trying to change people's approach to ageing process. Ageing is a state of mind. Why we getting older? It's not because our body is weak and exposed on outer conditions. Body ageing should be connected with cells ageing, right? However everyday 6 millions of cell is created by our body (with a balance of the same amount of dying cells). So it seems to be something deeper than biology.
Speaking about biology. Getting old is a simple process of cells dying. Every cell has receptors which receive hormones. Hormones as well as receptors getting old during our life journey, this is for sure. But it's up to You what hormones You deliver every day to Your cells. Are there hormones charged with positiveness or the package contains "I'm getting useless" message. I believe the first case might be the key to the good life no matter what age we currently are.

Photo by Ismael Nieto

Mind programming.

We been told our life goes like this: born, kindergarten, school, university, marriage, having kids, parenthood, retirement, getting old and the grand finale aka death! Thinking about this step by step way of life isn't good for us because we subconsciously program ourselves for this particular scenario. If we think this is the only way, it'll become our reality. Especially when we hit 50's our body tells us we are getting really dysfunctional. So this is important to have more clear mind and positive view of future. To take care of our skin, eyes shininess, smiling, physical activity. We don't have to be old, fat and slow at this age.

Forever Young?

Is it possible to stay young and healthy or even fit up till the end of our days? Yes indeed! I truly believe that power of our heart combined with brain could get us to the point where only sky's the limit. According to Dr. Tombak from Russian Academy of Health and Natural Treatment there are 17 things we can improve to live long and thrive no matter what. Here are the 17 secrets:

  • Love yourself and who You are.
  • Don't be jealous.
  • If You don't like yourself, change it.
  • Anger, critic, outrage of ourselves are the most harmful emotions.
  • If You decide something, do it!
  • Help poor, sick and old people and do it with pleasure.
  • Don't think about illnesses, death or senility.
  • You enemies: greed, belly-worship, surrendering.
  • Concerns and sighs destroys human body.
  • Biggest sin: fear and meanness.
  • Today is the best day.
  • Best city for You to live is where You literally thrive.
  • Best job is the one You love.
  • Biggest mistake - losing hope.
  • Biggest gift - love.
  • Greatest wealth is health!

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