Do one thing or more than one?

Do one thing or more than one?

This could be one word answer post but I just wanted to describe couple of actions which You might be interested in. We always hear:

"Do one kind of job, and do it well and You'll be succeed"

During education process You can get basic information about the world. Later on You probably will use these data to find Your own path or way of life. This will lead You to adult life where You should transfer You knowledge in to skills. But are we sure to be informed well by system of education? Maybe... or maybe not. It's hard to figure this out in a very young age. So if not education what is the key element to get a good way of successful life?

Practice and self education.

Almost 90% of knowledge I use in my adult life comes from my self education process. School education gave me good overall of how things works. But I've never used those skills in my professional life called career. Before I started to professionalize myself in some direction I was always thinking about this one sentence:

"Do only one thing and do it well"

My friends, teachers and even my family was convinced that doing one thing gives You best results, money and happiness in future adult life. Doing various things might be noneffective and distracting - this was their theory. I decided to try it on my own. Doesn't matter what occupation You have doing only one thing is not the best result. For some of You this might works. But every single individual is totally different and this scenario won't work for every single human being. There is no one golden rule.

Multiple professions, multiple opportunities.

newsweek Obama cover

Being multitask person is a great skill. Women are very good example of it. You can see thousands of funny graphics on the net showing woman cooking lunch, speaking on the phone, feeding baby and paying bills online - all this at the same time just using different limb:) We should learn from this. Why? Because as this picture shows woman doesn't care about how outside world will judge her. She just needs to finish her task and that's it! Is she thinking about what technique she is using for baby feeding? No! Is she thinking how lunch will look like? No! She just do all this because it's in her schedule right now. And all of this will be done very well - I promise You.

So try as much as You can. Usually people stay focus on one thing and what happened if they fail? It's tragedy! They spend days and months thinking about why they failed. Instead of treated it as a lesson and opportunity to open the next doors, they collapse. What if during this one particular task they think, plan or even do another thing, simultaneously? Nothing! You will not loose energy by planning or starting two or more businesses at the same time. You are just moving forward twice faster than others. Unless You agree with stereotypical view of be smart and intelligent on one thing. I decided to crush this theory.

Chain reaction.

Starting one idea or profession is not the endpoint. Developing one skill drives You to mysterious space where there is way more better friendly environment to adapt for gaining more and more. Having one particular task closes You in to comfort zone where You do mechanically Your job. Creating multiple ideas and implementing them is what You get while You can have Your major business/job and creating connection between what You already know with some new developments. So it's nothing wrong having regular job and learning new stuff at the same time. This routine might engage great process of having new opportunities for future. The question is:

"What do You do after You finish Your work?"

Do You chill? Or maybe read novels? Or maybe do yoga? When was a last time You went back home and read, study and learn or practice some new skills? This is Your FREE time so the choice is Yours: weather You sit back and relax in front of a TV screen or You can continue Your journey by learning some new skills. Treat it as a way to better future 🙂

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