Party like a Jamaican! What is and why to get involve in Dancehall?

Party like a Jamaican! What is and why to get involve in Dancehall?

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[dropcap4]E[/dropcap4]very single adventure should be crazy, positive and unforgettable. The whole dance phenomenon is linked with emotions, and dancehall means passion, love and the point of life. If you desire to discover yourself, you are ready to try that dance technique.

mijDancehall is based on Jamaican riddims. The most important thing is to understand the culture and totally accept it. The choice of classes and instructor, who at the same time is regularly learning from the best dancers in the world, is the basis. The next step should be the recognition of music and videos from Carribean parties, known as “passapassa”. The most common subjects, related with Jamaica, are sex, drugs, love, parties and gang wars. If our attitude is positive, we will get fully involved in that dance. The learning of steps, recognition of artists and passing on our feelings throughout energetic dance, will become the point of our life. I assume that dancing, in general, is a form of expression that allows us to open ourselves, as well as become whoever we want to be a part of choreography.

Dancehall means the purest emotions and love, being passed to our brothers and sisters by fun and enjoying the lifetime. Women that are willing to get involved into Dancehall are very lucky because they have a lot of different possibilities. From shaking booty and different isolations, to the basic steps and their variations. On the other hand men should be more virile and self-confident. What characterize them, is vast knowledge of steps and great body control.[blockquote3]DANCEHALL SHOULD BE THE SOURCE OF JOY, CONNECTING PEOPLE, SHARING AND PARTYING TOGETHER.[/blockquote3]In Jamaica that style exists back from 70s, and in Poland and Europe it got on popularity from the late 90s. Searching through the Internet sites it appears that Dancehall is really accessible in Europe. Most of dance academies are offering Dancehall classes, where you can catch the solid and necessary basis. However if you still don’t have that opportunity, start looking for some Jamaican party. It will be the first move to get on the good foot with that culture.

The Internet access gives an opportunity to learn some steps, what is really the foundation of that style. Moreover it will help you understand the essence of the culture. Gestures and movements are strongly related to the life of common Jamaican. For example:

  • “winter bounce” – step is based on demonstration of cold temperature and warming up your body
  • “come yagyal” – that calls for pulling your partner to yourself

olek jamaicanBy performing different steps, you are basically telling a story. Then you are beginning to understand Dancehall and the importance of life values. The music can be really different. From joyful, to sad and nostalgic what means that, no matter what your mental condition is, you get up and dance. You are as well working on your body.

Do you want to start your adventure? Go to the party. Clubs were the places where Dancehall began and is still developing and are the arena of dance battles between Jamaican crews. More and more people are getting involved in that style. Everyone can try, there are no borders. You dance the way you feel and every day you are getting better. Your body is getting more stretched and ready for real party fever. In my opinion there are only positive aspects of Dancehall and I totally recommend it. But I’m telling you, it’s addictive!


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