Help and support for Bartosz “Cetowy” Turzynski – hip hop activist and dancer.

Help and support for Bartosz “Cetowy” Turzynski – hip hop activist and dancer.

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[dropcap1]I[/dropcap1] met Bartek many years at one of the Jam. From early 2000’s I’ve seen him many times dancing in the cyphers, on the stages also couple of times we’ve been battling each other. I was very impressed that Bartek (though his young age) became well known hip hop events promoter. His events gathered people from all around the world. He is an inspiration to youth through workshops, dance classes and dance camps.

Couple of weeks ago his journey encountered unexpected obstacle. His crew members shared very sad news, posted on their Facebook wall:

cetowy help2[blockquote2]“Message to our friends worldwide. Our Brother Cetowy – Bboy, promoter, hip hop activist – had an accident. Right now he is in hospital fighting for his life. For now we can’t tell you anything else, just please be patient and don’t ask questions. Situation is so serious, all we can do right now is praying for our brother and believe everything will be ok.”[/blockquote2]

After few days I got informed that Bartek is in coma. All dance community had spread the word online and through grapevine. Moreover his crew started charity action called: “Your Passion – Help For Cetowy” for donations which are irreplaceable. Still large amount of money is a barrier for recovery as prescribed by the doctors. Many people around the world (USA, Finland, Czech Republic, Poland) started to organize Jams and events for helping out. Great idea came up with The Bboy Spot – dance community center and online store from Orlando (Florida, USA). They created Charity Saturday, special for Bartek where all cash from store’s purchases this particular day were donated.

Yesterday (April 4th) the biggest polish commercial TV station aired special report about Cetowy You can watch this video here:LINK.

steeloI have to mention Bartek’s situation is serious. But it doesn’t mean he lost this battle. It is still on and more opportunities showed up. When I follow all details about his tragedy I remember Bboy Steelo (Killafornia), a bboy who got multiple brain aneurysms. He was in coma also like Bartek. After 6 months of hard rehab he raised and got back to the dance world with passion and experience. He had a lot of support and this was probably the main reason why he woke up, recovered and began life from scratch.

[highlight]This story shows that nothing is impossible and everything is possible. I want to be part of this support movement so I decided to donate for Bartek’s  treatment because I believe he can fight this disease. Every amount of money is important for Bartek. So please make sure to visit:[/highlight]



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