Are You a free person? What is freedom for myself?

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Are U a ree person?[dropcap2]C[/dropcap2]an You truly consider yourself as a free person? As Kenny Loggins sing: “…RUNNING AWAY WILL NEVER MAKE ME FREE…”. Running away is non an option, but we can change our freedom perception. It turned out that very often we are our own limitation. Also our entourage is trying to manipulate us – you should do this or that. They require more and more without any feedback.

People are so greedy – give a inch and they’ll take a mile. I guess You experience this kind of behavior everyday. It’s like this from the dawn of history, but the point is to find an average between reality and acceptation of Your right to freedom. I’m talking about helping out people who really need this rather than focusing on false identity of ourself. People are looking for taking advantage of other person and after that abandon.



90% of employers wants to have their employees on full-time in every aspect of that meaning. Sometimes they make us to show up at work even at weekends. And we truly give up but we don’t have to. There is no single requisite telling us we have to be for our manager’s beck and call. If they insist, this mean getting out piece of your liberty. We afraid of loosing our job, but there is a lot of job offers (in spite of what media said).



They always think that without his or her presence family and especially children or teens won’t rub along. Meanwhile we’ve been created to survive in any conditions. We can be for ourself for couple of days, without any responsibility for others. We won’t die because of hunger. If I’m hungry I’ll grab a meal – simple as this! They always being overprotective and this is a reason why they unintentionally creating some boundaries.


free your mind

We shouldn’t limit ourself. If we do, we will care about what other people might think about us. We don’t have to show off, fit any patterns. We don’t have to prove anything. We just have to believe in ourself and our freedom.

As Nietzsche said: “What is our freedom’s stamp? To stop being ashamed of ourself”
Nowadays freedom is heavily violated. But we can change that. Don’t be a sheep, respect our own opinion, our individuality, to feel that our life is not running away. Believe me, You gonna feel much better.

Today I stand for: I’M FREE!


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