Do You drink coffee? Support your local coffee shop! [VIDEO]

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[dropcap2]M[/dropcap2]illions of people on the planet drink coffee every single day. If we are on the run we can get a take away cup. If we are more comfortable with free time we can sit down, feel more luxuriate by having small cup and for example read a book at the same time. Coffee shops becomes one of the most trendy place for business meetings. Also a place where we can check an email, browse the net, read a newspaper and in the summer time just chill outside. Many of these factors are within easy reach when we speak about small local coffee shops. However we can only dream about it visiting corporate cafe.
First of all are the people – in corpo-cafe there is always busy. There must be a busy, it’s good for business for sure. But not that busy. What I observed in one of the Starbucks cafe (and in a few other as well) was:


starbucks stop [list type=”tick”][list_item]Lack of space for some privacy – I couldn’t avoid other people looking to my tablet’s screen while I was writing back an email[/list_item]
[list_item]I was trying to focus on one specific thing but it was impossible. All the time I was forced to listen other customers private conversations[/list_item][list_item]Also music was too loud and of course distracting plasma screen with some music channel turned on[/list_item]
[list_item]Queue – this is the most annoying thing – if you’re not in the queue because You got luck to get a cup and find the right spot, it’s just a matter of time when someone will ask You: “…how long will You stay on this seat?…”[/list_item]
[list_item]Customer service – fake smile, tired “auto-pilot” bearing, no emotions on employee’s faces (sorry, don’t take it personal but thats how it is)[/list_item]
These situations pushed me to find more private space in some local cafe. Before that I did some research about what is going on in the coffee business. According to Huffington Post’s – Daily Meal “Top 10 Best Coffee Shops List” – You won’t find even one company which will represent corporations. Only small, local coffee shops with a lot of innovative offers. And this was my impulsion to look at my nearest area to find the right place for me. After few hours finally I found Fotka Cafe – a place where…..hmm I won’t review in this short article what place is this. We just decided to shoot a video straight away after short conversation with cafe’s founder.
coffee1Now I’m 100% sure, it’s better to digg for some nice, calm place where You are a real customer and not a “next-in-the-queue”. Corporations will always survive and there will be always new customers because holding a cup with Starbucks or Mcdonald logo is fancy:) I heard about people who got take-away paper cup of “corpo-coffee” and when they finish to drink, they clean the cup and refill by homemade coffee:) Just because they can identify with this particular logo outside.
Well. I prefer small coffee-shops support because more creative people are behind those businesses. You can always meet the owner and chat about what was an idea of creating this place, history, you even can give some advices for future improvements. Think about it next time when You go for corpo-coffee break…

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