PRISM like a PRISON – the failure of freedom and privacy in a digital world.

PRISM like a PRISON – the failure of freedom and privacy in a digital world.

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[dropcap2]P[/dropcap2]RISM – this designation has become viral thanks to former CIA and NSA employee Edward Snowden. He published to The Washington Post and The Guardian some details about spying software which forced him to be a number one digital traitor of the US (according to CIA and NSA). Whole world is watching this young man running and hiding in Hong Kong because of revealing the truth about what this specific software do for society around the globe.

prism2According to Snowden’s leak, PRISM is highly advanced software. It can capture all kind of data pace through the net from one place to other. This is nothing new for me, because I’ve always knew that every single page we visit, every comment we place, every chat we do, leave some digital fingerprints on the server of our broadband provider. Of course in the “Age of terror” all agencies can have access to these informations. One thing frightened me for sure:

” Even if You are not doing anything wrong You’ve been watched and recorded. The storage capability of the system is increasing every year consistently. You don’t have to have done anything wrong You simply have eventually fall under suspicion from somebody even by a wrong call. And then they can use the system to go back in time to get every decision You’ve ever made and attack You on that basis”

– quote from Edward Snowden’s interview

The list of the companies which participate in this massive surveillance program is also disturbing: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, Youtube, Skype. US government confirmed their nearly six years digital campaign against terrorists, also they agreed about companies involved.

I must say I use all of above as a part of my digital work. Hundreds of millions also use it. I’ve never had a bad intentions posting up my digital content online, rather than I was always leading by sharing some useful knowledge. Now I’m worry about our digital future. Revealing PRISM project has also more than one importance.

This is a warning to quit posting some stupid lunch, my mood, hairdress, weather, places, people photos on our private Facebook wall. We don’t know when and what for those details will be used for. I also found an advantage of this whole issue:

This should push us to move around and get the real chat with friends rather than Skype. To send some real smile, touch somebody, to interact with. It’s like getting back to the oldschool behaviors but in a raw and positive form. It’s like getting out of the box, out of the digital Matrix…



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