Salsa social culture – the way of life and freedom of expression. [VIDEO]

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[dropcap2]F[/dropcap2]irst time I saw salsa dance about 10 years ago. It was amazing because it was totally different from typical ballroom dance. There are strictly rules, foundation steps, way of life, vocabulary. Latino type of dance is sensual and what most important is free from stereotypes. People in different age can express themselves.

All from above I experienced during Latino Festival 2013 – one of the biggest salsa festival in Poland. What touched me from inside was great vibe between dancers. There was no hate, no competition. Friendly atmosphere like on a jam, with large amount of knowledge through dance workshops. I met numerous dance crews and they have been jamming together though during the whole dance season they compete each other in various salsa competitions. Was nice to see how they collaborate together.

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latino festiwal
Karol Wawrzykowski

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When I was shooting video at Latino Festival I was looking for some pictures of people and their reactions in a different situations. Span of age was from 12 to almost 60. It was great contrast when I see young kids in a front line and behind them, some adults trying to match in a term of skills. Thats why all workshop classes were unique.

Latino Festival was a great experience – seeing many positive people gathering together in one place (actually in three different dance spots). The best expression of my view is this short video recap. Have a nice showing:)


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