Which one is better: Commercial hotels vs Private apartments?

Which one is better: Commercial hotels vs Private apartments?

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[dropcap2]W[/dropcap2]hen we think about Hotels, we mostly have in our mind Summer holidays as well as short term visits. We want to have everything well done in term of general condition of the place where we’ll stay. This should be undisturbed period of time. Frankly speaking,  our apartment is the place where we stay for a night or getting a nap after lunch in the restaurant.

20 years ago those network hotels were monopolists. Nobody cared about alternative solutions so we’ve been sentenced to:

  • fake smile in the reception (no offense to the employees)
  • packed hotel restaurant
  • always busy pool side
  • high price when near by the center of the city we visit

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Nowadays situation is bit different. It’s not like we only have more options because of society and technology growth…It’s more like we can pick the place which precisely match our expectations. So: clean white sheets, mini shampoo bottles and great view from balcony is not enough anymore.

During the age of financial crisis which we are experiencing, we can find through the net many beautiful, cheap and unique places to stay for our short or long term trip. Without blinking an eye I can admit, I was looking for alternative solution and I found one!

Cracow City is one of the most visited city in Poland. Dozens of hotels, motels, hostels and apartments. I found great place where You can spend hours, days, even months and feel like home. This place is awesome for creative people!

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Fresh coffee is available to your service. Your welcome:)

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Laiko Apartments are situated in the center of Crakow City, few minutes walk from the Old Town. Two from total of four apartments are available (two more coming this summer). What amazed me was the vibe inside. You can feel strong positive ambiance from the first impression. Laiko is the real standout among other apartments in this location. Design is one of the pros of this project.

Well designed small tables (made from black flagstone!), plenty of handmade wooden elements like bed rack, floor, chairs, wall decorations, etc. Apartment is full of appliances, like in average home. Also lamps are specially redesigned from the old ones which are well integrated.

laiko2I love listen to music. Every single hotel I’ve been visiting was the same: my small stereo speaker connected to my own Ipod device. In Laiko everything is ready to use: loud speakers surround system with Ipod dock and USB! So I was speechless when I discovered 3 options for playing music:

  1. Ipod for customers! full of music (or My own Ipod) connected to dedicated dock-station!
  2. Flash drive ready to use with plenty of great music on-board.
  3. Spotify Premium! – ready to go online service with massive genre of radio/music stations.

More pros are on the table: free Wi-Fi, Digital TV (built-in plasma display – literally spinning from bedroom to the kitchen so You don’t miss anything). What attracted my attention was a bunch of small particularities. When You check-in You are welcome by glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Also what I found in the fridge was fresh milk! This was my morning salvation:) Coffee without milk? Never!:)

laiko3So this apartment is one of my favorite place. Next time You want to visit Crakow City don’t be a loser! Hotels are for bored people who doesn’t care where they sleep. I care! And You should care as well, because it has large impact on You no matter what is the purpose of Your travel: business, touristic visit or inspirational. O, did I mention about the price? Hmm it’s 1/3, or in some options even less cheaper than in hotel.

So the choice is up to You:) When I’m traveling I prefer to stay in outstanding places but not the same like everyone else. Research for alternatives! In this clash between hotels and private apartments the winner must be only one. For me is apartment.


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