Direction East – Bulgarian summertime.

Direction East – Bulgarian summertime.

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[dropcap2]B[/dropcap2]lack Sea – one of the most visited place in Eastern Europe during summer holidays. Its in the middle of six countries: Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Romania. Every summer I see travel agencies ads about this particular area – Istanbul, Sevastopol, Yalta or Odessa. I decided to visit Bulgaria’s sea coast and review their local culture, food, tourism activities and what the most important – beaches.

first impression primorsko

[one_half]My destination was Primorsko, small town with a large number of hotels, hostels and summer apartments. First place we’ve visited was main promenade. On the street we could find everything from jewelery to beach towels. Sellers were nice and gentle with their customer service skills (comparing to pushy Turkey sellers Bulgarian aren’t disturb your comfort zone at all). [/one_half]
[one_half_last]Bulgarian currency is Leva (Lv) – one lv is 0,50 euro so it was relevant cheap. In general town is great because of the vibe. We could smell grilled sea food on every corner, traditional Bulgarian music coming from local restaurants and almost every evening front yard of the local’s houses had family dinner barbecue.[/one_half_last] beaches and clubs primorsko

Primorsko has two North and South beach area. South was smaller with not many attractions while North was a greater place. We spend numerous of hours getting tan from July’s Bulgarian sun. North Beach was very clean, free for use (only hotel area was paid 5 Lv for beach kit – umbrella and sunbed). Beach had also two great beach bars with drinks and classic ice frappe coffee. The best area on the entire beach was near the “Salsa Bar” which during the day was a cafe and bar place and in the night time music club with dance floor. Also this area was a nudist part of the beach where we spent most of our free time away from crowdy places.

Behavioral tolerance in Bulgaria is in a high level even though 10 years ago nudists collected tickets from police for being naked in public. The story was they paid 5 Lv ticket to police officer with smile on their face. When Police gone nudists could stay without any problems. Now is legal to stay naked on the beach.


[one_half]This is the best part of our trip to Bulgaria. We met many Bulgarian people in Primorsko who showed us best meals. Also what is a trademark of Bulgaria is cheep alcohol: we discovered very well brand called “Savoy” – company which produce all kind of buzz, tequilas, whiskey and our favorite black rum. For 10 days of trying local special meals we created out own list which is the best tip for all tourists visiting Bulgaria:[/one_half]

  • Shopska Salad – mixed green cucumber, tomato and goat cheese
  • Squids in butter – fresh grilled for every time
  • Tatarian “Kofta” – grilled meat chop with melted goat cheese inside
  • Chicken “Kavarma” – basically chicken karma well prepared on grill
  • Grilled Shashlik or Vegetables – great meal for carvinores as well for vegetarians
  • Grilled Zucchini – very delicate starter


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Here we recommend some of the additional options for trips, places to visit and things to do in Bulgaria:

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Sozopol is a small town 20 minutes from Primorsko by car. What touched me from the scratch were small streets and alleys full of cafes and local sellers with souvenirs. We also visited local Italian Cafe for Ice coffee and dessert – handmade chocolate balls.

desert primorsko

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Have you seen something like this: laying on the beach you hear the music from the private yacht, you are looking to the horizon and see the boat with girls dancing to the loud music. That was exactly what we experienced. Plus sailing to laguna for diving, sunbathing and getting fish meal on the way back to the port.

stateczek primorsko

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One of the biggest city in the world. Loats of churches and mosques – great Hagia Sophia catholic church (largest couple in the world) rearranged to mosque and also famous Blue mosque. Also its a place of endless shopping time! Major must-to-eat in Turkey is of course original Kebap.

blue mechet

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Traditional Bulgarian dance and music live show. Walking and dancing on a hot coals. Low cost and the barrels of wine are unlimited! Be careful with the wine:)

bulgarian night

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Sozopol CitySummary.

Bulgarian sea side is a perfect place for those who want to get nice tan, eat tasty food and have some fun in a beach clubs. The major benefit in Primorsko town and in Bulgaria in general is food. After having average Bulgarian meal including many salads You get your body hydrated well which is required in hot summer days.
Also the people working in a restaurants, hotels etc are very gentle and kind. Even though they are there only temporarily for summer job. Weather is great. Sunny days all the time. Its not “heavy” hot like in Egypt or Turkey in June. Beaches are awesome places for spending your time in getting tan.
Two weeks in Bulgarian sea side is decisively not enough. I was pleased to see whole families doing outdoor barbecues evenings. People spend their time together even if its only for meal – but instead clicking in the net, chatting on Facebook or Skype they were physically present at the moment. This is the most important thing we can notice when we visit Bulgaria.

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