Contract for love – acceptable relationship.

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coupleIf We consider relationship as a vacancy it would have some special terms and conditions. It will be an agreement between two people, without end date – this is for sure. One will be employer the other one employee. What type of contract would it be? Full time position no matter what contract. Requirements: big responsibility for decisions, spendings plus a lot of efforts. Salary: unknown.

For those of You who had been in a relationship is familiar with the first and major issue: compromise! For example when You meet together You need to reschedule Your timetable during the day just to make it happen (if You’re not sharing apartment). So You need to give way to it every single time.

Also we are all different personalities. We’ve got our own behaviors and habits: snoring, being sloooow or fast, throwing socks around the apartment etc. Some of them can be destructible but we should get used to it because it’s like a fighting with windmills.  The best way is to ignore without disturbing ourself or getting jittery.

Another thing is do not to sacrifice soo badly. I’ve always heard stories from various friend of mine. In one side I hear bout their loneliness and on the other side how they cannot go out with friends because of jealousy. Some of them just stick for each other literally 24/7, 365 days a year. Getting chained is less valuable. It’s ridiculous! Get a coffee break, go out to a disco club – whatever.

Get a passion! Whatever it will be, just make sure to do something for self-development, for fun, for other reason. At least once a week. Couples got lack of appreciation. They don’t speak with each other. We have no problem doing gossips with friends But about something affects our relationship? Naah! The most healthy situation is to talk about everything: what bothers us, what makes us happy etc. Simple as this. This can increase our relationship and also could break our conflicts.

To sum up, love and relationship is a some kind of contract for love. But make sure it’s not a full time job plus extra shifts without any bonuses. Love is not a corporation! Let this contract be fluid with some space for friends and hobby. It might be employment contract for an indefinite period so get as much positive from it to yourself and your relationship.

I wish this for all of You and to myself:)

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