Have You ever heard of this amazing place? Burning Man free Festival.

Have You ever heard of this amazing place? Burning Man free Festival.

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Tons of sand, dry district, isolated piece of land, heat from the sky – this is the picture of a place called The Black Rock Desert (Nevada, USA). It’s nothing unusual. Just a desert but it looks like an another planet. Once a year this place change for something greater than just a depopulated land.

“Burning Man is an event where there are thousands of people gathering on one desert just to express themselves. You can see people dancing, cheering, hugging each other, doing some crazy things, jumping, riding on a weird bikes and more. You can feel the vibe of clear, honest and balanced positive emotions sharing through all visitors. Beautiful art decorations will be creative spots for various artists visiting “Burning Man”. There are “stations” where You can admire or use all artistic things presented. Some of them are very tiny but there are a lot of huge and bizarre works: gigantic ballerina or flying saucer which is captured from waaay above from drone’s view.

The festival is great because there are no limitations. No matter who You are, where are You from, and mostly how fat is Your bank account balance! Immediacy is getting to another level in this place. People are open-minded. When I read main principals of the festival I think about perfect land, perfect country without physical boarders which one day could appear on our planet. Maybe as a one land without name, rules and laws.  Especially without money because one of the festival’s rule is “Gifting” – no exchanging but gifting and sharing things around for free! 

Burning Man is totally free from any corporations. You won’t see any energy drinks and beer counters. This is what self-sustaining society needs the most. Getting rid of companies who use our assets and health in a negative way just for making profits.

burning-man-neil-girling-1217441337Festival is a great opportunity to all of You who is looking for a place where expressing Yourself is not weird, where kissing strangers just for fun or just because You always wanted to try this is nothing wrong. Where acting, singing, painting, hugging, creating art, dancing, having fun, chating and sharing are a major rules. You can get rid of all limitations – physical and mental, get rid of clothes – go naked around the camp without any embarrassment. Get rid of social barriers which are creating our nowadays society lifestyle!

Just imagine our everyday life would be like this…

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Spark: A Burning Man Story (Theatrical Trailer) from Spark Pictures on Vimeo.

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Photo Credits: theblondeabroad.com, apictureofit.com


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