Health Matters #4. Benefits of using a Sauna?

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[dropcap2]E[/dropcap2]verybody knows stories about accumulated poisons in our bodies. They’re coming in through many sources straight to our inner body affecting immune system. They might go deeper and deeper causing various ailments. We can wait until we got seriously sick and then the only way to survive is to go to the doctor. Of course this won’t solve our problem. Drugs will only suppress results but after a while we still be sick and because of drugs even worse.

It’s like to have an audio amplifier without power off button. Instead we got only dimmer with scale from 100 do 1, no 0 included. We can fade out the pain or illness using manual fader (drugs) but automatically after a while previous state will come back.
According to scientists research people who use dry sauna on a weekly basis are 10x more resistant to flu and common cold. This is connected Our body reacts for many weather changes.
Dry Sauna is our best doctor! When we undress our surrounding temperature is about 25°C, we walk into sauna room – 60-90°C and after few minutes we cool down our body by cold shower – 30°C or even less. Thermal changes are one of the best natural massage method making us ready to hit any weather changes.

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Some of us have heard about high blood pressure people cannot use sauna. It’s a stereotype! Most of people who tried sauna, as a result had balanced their blood pressure after spending 15 sessions is sauna room. Sauna is natural stabilizer of human body blood pressure. Only in specific cases you should consult it with your doctor. Sauna is a great sleeplessness cure. It’s also making us stronger! Mentally we can chill and sit in a warm place thinking about nothing. You can lay down, You can meditate, You can relax in any kind. We get rid of toxic elements. As Finnish people say:

“In sauna You can burn anger and hate”.
 By removing toxins we become stronger individuals, healthier, more happy. Almost all food nowadays has some genetic modified ingredients, salt and sugar. By sweating we are getting rid of all preservatives as well as we can lose weight. In one session we can lose 0,6-2 kilograms.

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  1. Before You start sauna session, take a shower and dry yourself by a towel.
  2. Stay in sauna room 5-10 minutes per every single session.
  3. Get rest between sessions for about 15 minutes.
  4. Make 3-5 sessions at one time. Do it up to 3 times per week.
  5. Best temperature in sauna: 60-80°C.
  6. Drink between sessions: juice, water or warm tea.
  7. To lose more weight, keep Your feet in a bowl with warm water during session in sauna room.
  8. Make sure to get shower straight after sauna session: first warm and then increase coldness of water to the point where You feel comfortable.
  9. DON’T GO TO SAUNA ROOM IN SWIMMING SUIT! GET NAKED or take some towel to cover. Our skin must to breathe!

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Photo Credits: Foto Mike/Daniel Werner


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