Everybody wants to be fit. Why people do fit-style “selfies”?

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Cute girls working out in a gym

[dropcap2]G[/dropcap2]ood health, strong immune system, lack of stress, great physical condition – these are some of the most important things in term of healthy and sterling lifestyle. To stay in shape we need to focus on what we eat, do we exercise or take a closer look into our daily routines.

Scrolling down my Facebook wall I noticed more than 60% of my friend’s posts are some sort of selfies from their physical activities. This is nothing wrong. I’m happy to see this type of opportunity via Internet to share our thoughts online and millions of users can see it immediately. I love to workout as well but my determinant of sharing achievements is little bit different (I prefer real live).

The thing is: people wants to be fit, strong and good-looking. This is indisputable. But I wanted to point out little misunderstanding in this whole “fit-mania”. When we see posts on the net of great-looking muscular and fit people, we might think we have to go to the gym or dance classes and do workout, regularly. That’s for sure. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. We can do millions of push ups, lower abs exercises, squats etc. We can do swimming or any kind of sport activity to sweat out unhealthy elements.

fitness mag coverThis whole bunch of activities might work for us. But is it working for real? There is one key ingredient for health and great-looking body: nutrition! Without this one piece our brick wall will collapse very soon. We cannot go to the gym and after we visit fast food restaurant to “refill” energy we lost during the exercises, then we go to a party drinking beer or vodka. Is it just because we deserve it after hard workout?

Alcohol, drugs, fast food, heavy meals and cigarettes will decrease our ability to shape our body! I’ve been trying numerous of workout plans and nothing works good without nutrition plan!

We as a human being have been programmed for being impulsive. We see great-looking photo of a girl or man and we think: “why I’m not like she/him”. Those perfect photos are only the END RESULT of what people can achieve through regular workouts but mostly through nutrition and the way we live our life! These bodies hasn’t been made day by day. We might think we go to the gym and everything remains at the gym, so after we can eat and drink whatever we want because we will sweat it out in the next workout. But unfortunately it’s not that easy:) So next time when You see some nice and fit people on the pictures be aware this is not only exercises but mostly it’s done by good nutrition plan plus some physical activities. Good luck!:)


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