The story behind Kim Dotcom and Megaupload. Who controls the Internet?

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Do You remember It was a file hosting service established in 2005. Many of us had been using this website to share some files. The website was shut down in the beginning of 2012 because it was described as a organization dedicated to copyright infringement (more story here). In January 2013 owners and creators of Megaupload launched new project called MEGA – file storage online cloud service using encrypted passwords to protect Your data. But the point of this article is not why US Government shut down Megaupload, or captured Kim Dotcom’s assets. Is about reality which we are hitting right now.

Studying all interviews, videos, articles about this case I was trying to be impartial. On the one side we have US Government throwing multiple allegations on Kim Dotcom. On the other side we got confident and optimistic approach which is undeniable, honest and simple.

#1 – Privacy!

We all use commercial products of the Internet corporation giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc. It’s almost impossible to exist on the net as a individual or in terms of business relations without these products. The most frightening thing is data collecting. According to Kim Dotcom’s speeches there are massive amount of spy-cloud technologies used by governments to collect our data. The reason is to stop piracy, terrorist attacks or even pornography. So if they collect our data, we are potentially suspect. And this is wrong. The Internet itself was made for quick knowledge sharing source. And in this case we might be limited or banned trying to get some informations.

#2 – Hollywood lobbying.

The question is: Why people use pirate software, watch pirate movies or download music illegally? The answer is simple: Hollywood industry is blocking content. During the interview for RT America, Kim Dotcom said:

I am against business model of Hollywood. For example they block content for different areas of the world. Even if users want to pay for additional privileges. So how users can get the knowledge or content they are looking for?

And this is the reason why people download movies, software and music illegally.

#3 – Who owns the Internet?

Internet is a place where people can share knowledge, meet new friends and also it’s a great marketplace. Governments and some corporations are trying to use copyright law against Internet users, against freedom of speech as well as against basic human rights. But as Kim Dotcom says: We will prevail! Because Internet is not ruled by corporations and governments but is driven by US – USERS! But the government might say: if You have nothing to hide, You shouldn’t afraid of spying on You. But as Kim highlights: we all have something to hide although this is our private thing. We should decide is this information public or to the officials review or not. To have our private secrets is our basic human right!

So next time when You are going to send an email via free commercial mailbox provider be aware that You data is being stored!:)

About fresh informations, please watch the latest episode of VICE News. Funny episode about Kim’s lifestyle.

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