8 lifestyle changers by Dr. Roger Walsh. What youth say about it?

8 lifestyle changers by Dr. Roger Walsh. What youth say about it?

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We as a human beings have to pay attention on many aspects of our lifestyle. There are many sources of knowledge. Traditional media vanished for alternative sources and this means that knowledge level is also changing for alternative level – a better level. This require to be open minded and ready for some changes.

According to Dr. Roger Walsh, Australian professor of Psychiatry, Philosophy and Anthropology at the University of California there are 8 major elements which we should change in terms of happy and healthy lifestyle.

01_exercise#1 | Exercise – this is very valuable ingredient of whole paradigm shift. Simply when we do any physical activities our body produce adrenaline and also dopamine straight to our blood. After exercises we feel fulfilled and tired at the same time. On the next day we might be sore but rebuilding muscles process is good for fat burning as well as muscles increase.

#2 | Nutrition – “You are what You eat” – this is the best phrase to make You think about what You put into Your mouth. Food should be a building material for our body. We should eat more green leafs mixed with almost every meal. Let’s make the best meals for our body: salads with raw and unprocessed veggies, nuts!, sprouts, avocado, mango. Drink water! Get fresh stuff from Your local farmer’s market. Do the right research, all kind of stuff about nutrition is online (Ex. http://foodmatters.tv/)

02_nutrition#3 | Relationships – If You can have great relationship with someone who You really love it should have very powerful impact on Your happiness, wellness, health, and also on a relationships with other people.

#4 | Giving Back – Be polite and helpful for others. You are not doing things for Yourself on this planet. You also have to share with a society as a volunteer or just as a human being. Write a blog, share some knowledge, give a tips.

#5 | Relaxation – Try to figure out what make You happy in terms of spending free time. Paint, sing, compose, dance, run, create, read, swim. Do anything as a hobby, develop Your inner balance between work life and a free time. Holidays is not the only way to stay positive and relaxed during a year. Every single day can be a relaxation day!

05_relax#6 | Recreation – Like Pharrell Williams sings in his “Happy” song: “Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof”. Smile and be positive. Be happy of what You have and what’s more important: be grateful! Stay thoroughly creative.

#7 | Nature – Spend a time in nature! Catch the sun, don’t be afraid of rain, listen to the sounds of nature. Go to a seaside, walk through the mountains, explore urban locations as well. Lay down on a grass and just try to sync Yourself with our planet.

8# | Spirituality – Meditate, do Yoga as a spiritual form of connecting Your mind and body. If You like to be a part of any religion do it. If You feel that religion is not for You, try to find Your own path in a spiritual matter. This is very important because our inner energy flows also from our thoughts and beliefs. Study spiritual leader’s knowledge and try to understand the world by Your own!

These 8 steps are very simple and well known. But in terms of youth education we are illiterate. We used to know only knowledge from official books, school manuals, teachers but is this system works well? Maybe 20 years ago yes. But now we are more free and conscious about how reality works. Even kids can see that education system is irrelevant. Just take a look at this young man:

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