Your examination of conscience at the end of the year.

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[dropcap2]W[/dropcap2]e are chit-chatting about what we accomplished while 2013 has just finished. Nope, we won’t be a typical person who is thinking about New Year’s resolutions because most of us will probably fail trying to achieve them. Instead of this I’ve got something different for Ya’ll – Examination of conscience. How to do this? It’s very simple.

SWOT Analysis is very popular type of analyzing projects or businesses. We could use this pattern to analyze our lifestyle but in a different way. Before making any steps make sure You feel comfortable in Your spot – make a cup of green tea, sit back and relax. Get a blank piece of paper and a pen. You can also do this on Your tablet or smartphone using any app with drawing option.

swot analyze by eachoneteachone1

Draw a cross and use lines as a dividers for making four areas (see example above). Let’s do right side of our table greater then left side. This will lead us to stay focus more on a positive things we’ve done. When You finish dividing and naming headers now is the best part and our real purpose of this exercise. Try to fill entire areas by Your own. You don’t need special skills for this. The only thing You need is to be honest and impartial about Yourself. If this is hard for You, try to ask Your friends, parents, partner – they really could say few important words about You:)

After we finish filling all blank space we should feel relief but also You should be inspired to be more active for future. Many things should frame in a one logical piece of Your lifestyle. You also can discover some new things about Yourself. This is very simple but at the same time very effective. I hope before planning Your next year’s activities You will sacrifice few minutes to do this closing exercise, to get right conclusions and reflections.

If You have any questions or ideas about this exercise You can share in a comments below or You can send me an email ( I’m looking forward to hear from You!:)

Last thing: I wish You to fill entire right side of the list. This will help You to be a better person for yourself and for others.


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