First 24-hour music video by Pharrell Williams.

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[dropcap2]P[/dropcap2]harrell Williams was always one of the greatest producers in music industry. His style as a beatmaker is unique, his singing choruses were frequently on the first places of the music charts worldwide. He is a celebrity but at the same time he is underground because of his creative activities in artistic societies.

His latest release is a music video called “Happy”. This is a very catchy and positive song. Song itself is great and it obviously will be worldwide phenomenal hit. But the most interesting thing about this song is video. Produced by Paris-based production team “We are from LA” whose idea was to create first 24-hours music video. As they said, they had no opportunity to do this kind of project. But with Pharrell everything is possible.

The main concept was to show average people doing their freestyle choreography, describing their happiness and walking straight to the camera lens. More than 400 people were involved in this video. Mostly average people plus some celebrities like: Jamie Foxx, Steve Carell, Jimmy Kimmel, Kelly Osbourne. Video was made in LA’s sidewalks, parks, shopping mall, church, train station and many more locations.

Pharrell WilliamsLength of the official video release is about 4 minutes but Pharrell uploaded simultaneously his original almost uncut version of it on his website. You be able to research all cast in specific period of time. Using virtual clock-shape interface You can navigate through hundreds of people doing their performance.

From the artistic point of view this video is a masterpiece because of its natural and original formula. There are no models at all. Everybody in this video is just representing themselves – their believes, their state of mind and consciousness. Doesn’t matter what color You are, are You fat not skinny, old, young. Common denominator is Happiness.


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