“I have no time…” – 8 simple steps to master Your time management.

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[dropcap2]T[/dropcap2]ime is a very important issue. Today I would like to share with You a few simple and powerful techniques about how to master Your time management skills. Although everybody have 24h per day, but we often declare: “I don’t have a time”. Curious fact is that the people You admire, follow and sometimes even imitate had that same amount of time like You! Doesn’t matter who You are, where do You live:  we are surrounded by 24 hours, 7 days per week and 365 days in a year routine.

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1. Set clear goals!

There are millions of books about it but there is one common clue: written goals are easier to achieve. Why? Often You waste Your time just because You didn’t specify what You have to do exactly. I know many of You “know” about this but the key is to act which will create results. So specify definitely what is Your goal!

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2. Plan.

After You have a goal, plan how to achieve it. Remember – without intention You unconsciously plan a failure! It’s the same way of thinking like with goals. Think on a piece of paper, write down everything, every single detail. Let Your thoughts materialize on a paper and not only in Your head. It’s more efficient.

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3. To-Do List

Another obvious matter. Create lists for every single day, week or even month. When I started listing my daily schedule, my free time increased emphatically. Also amount of “done-things” list was amazing (not only in my own opinion). Spend 5 minutes every evening for creating To-Do List for the next day. Just make sure Your list contains…

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priorities4. Priorities!

It’s amazing how many thing we can do just to avoid our responsibilities. However, when we start doing what we have to do, we can realize this was not that scary:) If Your time is valuable, stop messing around and take an action! A successful man (and I truly believe You’ll be one of them) always do something important in particular moment. Only one thing!

Ok now You’ve got Your To-Do list. The next step is to apply an: A,B,C,D sytem. It’s a very simple priority listing technique.

A – These are the most important things to do! Do them RIGHT NOW! You can place only limited amount of items. Every next item should be named by: A1, A2 etc. But remember: don’t start A3 without A1 done completely.
B- Less important tasks. After doing the A section, start doing B.
C- If You have some free time left after being busy with A and B section, then You can start C.
D – These are things You could transfer to someone else: friend, volunteer, co-worker.

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5. Concentrate.

Before I started using my brain to stay in concentrate mode I was tended to distraction all the time. Mobile, text, Facebook Messenger etc. I’ll repeat again: the key skill is to concentrate on one task! If You started doing something, finish it! Often when You snap Your routine, finishing it on time might be impossible.

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6. Get rid of unwanted distractor.

Writing one page of text can take 15 minutes or 2 hours. It’s up to You. Locate every single thing which distracts You. Doesn’t matter what it is, make sure to eliminate it. By getting rid of it You could get extra free time for Your daily basis. So think how much time You can save during a week or a month?

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7. Beat delays.

Delaying Your work is a dead end. You see the chance, an opportunity to solve or finish any kind of work. However something deep inside You is telling: “Do it later”. The bad news is: opportunity will disappear very quick. Brian Tracy advice easy affirmation. Repeat to yourself “Do it now, do it now”! It works for me, how about You?

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8. Balance.

If You work hard, You should not resist to take some time off. your body and mind needs to refresh and recovery. Keep that in mind, Your job is not only Your life but also You fun! Spend some time with Your relatives. Even if Your work satisfy You to the fullest, make sure to have some free space for people closest to Your heart.


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