Alphabet you never knew before – Diesel dance commercial.

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DAnce a-z

[dropcap2]T[/dropcap2]alking about typical alphabet I remember a large letters pinned to the wall in my late kindergarten. Learning a letters is like discovering totally new world of words, syllabus and phrases. In some reason there were children who could learn very fast and those who couldn’t. Visualizing is a great method of learning. If we see a picture or motion attached to specific type of data which is needed it probably will affect on our memory.

This type of visualization appeared in a brand new Diesel Jeans video. Of course I had to mention about this not because of the product. Main reason was a numerous high level dancers showing their skills. The idea is very creative and simple: to present a whole alphabet throughout a movement. Different dance styles, beautiful people, marvelous abilities. Every single character is assigned to a various dance style:
B – stands for B-Girl, P – for Pole Dance and so on.

There are many Street Dance Styles in this video. I assume this was director’s main goal because of specifics of jogg jeans. From educational point this is great. Also in just my opinion there is a lack of some major styles. Instead we have a random slogans which are unconvincing in a dance culture. I must say they more fits to a pop culture which is related to Diesel brand rather than dance society.

However this video is super cool, even if there are some gaps. For ex. there is a Harlem Shake (not the original dance move but a viral behavior) which stands for the letter H. Hmm. If you ask every single dancer on this planet what dance style stands for the 8th alphabet letter this would be easy answer: Hip Hop or House.

The concept of the video is original and cozy-looking. It shows a real talents, not a dummy doing single moves pimped in a post production. This ad is highly recommended as a inspiration for all creative individuals worldwide.

BTW. What letter from this video are You?:)

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A – Arabesque

B – B-girl

C – Chicken noodle soup

D – Death drop

E – East coast Swing

F – Finger tut

G – Grand Jete

H – Harlem Shake

I- Indian bhangra

J – Jump Style

K – Krump

L – Liquid Style

M – Memphis jookin’

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N – Northern Soul


P – Pole

Q – ?

R – Rumba

S – Step

T – Twerk

U – Ultimate

V – Vogue hands

W – Whine

X – X-press Yourself

Y – Y.M.C.A.

Z – Turf FeinZ

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