The best water in the world is Structured Water! How to make it?

The best water in the world is Structured Water! How to make it?

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[dropcap2]E[/dropcap2]veryone wants to look great and fresh. To achieve this goal we are looking for special recipes, diets and expensive cosmetics. But all of this is just fighting with results of aging process which starts inside ourselves. One of the major cause of aging process is water we use for meals as well as drinking on our daily basis. 

Our cells, our blood and brain in 70% contains water. Condition of our joints, blood vessels, liver, kidneys, color of our facial skin – everything depends on water. If we drink too much coffee, tea, sugary drinks, beer and even mineral water we should remember that we are not a balefire where everything will burn out. Because lack of knowledge about fundamentals of our body we literally “burn out” length of life. So if we don’t appreciate importance of water in our life – we consciously are shortening and ruining our health.

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Water inside us!

In nature there are 135 different types of water! Water inside our body has special genotype which we call: structured. Every other type of liquid which is traveling through our organism MUST BE PROCESSED AND CLEARED. During this process we lose a lot of energy. We must remember that our overall health depends on how much energy it waste for our inside-services. More energy we spend for processing unhealthy liquids, less we have left for regeneration and fighting with illnesses.

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Water we drink everyday.

Most common water we drink contains insoluble calcium and iron. It’s easy to figure it out just by looking inside our kettle. All bad substances from water, burned pieces of food (meat, soups) going straight to our body. This makes easy for “blockers” to create dams.

Water is chlorinated. Chlorine is poison! It kills human cells. We can’t get rid of it just by boiling water. So before You make a cup of coffee or tea, make sure the water stay still for 2-3 hours after boiling process. This allows chlorine to vaporise.

Average tap water contains radiation which is also untouchable by boiling process. When we boil water we burn many harmful substances but also we’re getting rid of active oxygen which we badly need. During boiling our water becomes “dead water” because we are changing its structure! Earth’s information which is inside the water by default is not there anymore. So using only boiled water is not good at all times.

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Mineral water.

Mineral water is very common for various of diets, health and fitness programs etc. Mineral water contains some kind of dopant which are not assimilated and some of them might be absorbed. They stay in our muscles, joints causing deformations and degradations.  We should not drink only mineral water. So what kind of water we should drink? There is only one type of water we should drink for the best healthy lifestyle results. So ladies and gentleman, home boys and home girls, let me introduce to You…

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Structured water.

This type of water is most effective for human body. In nature we find this water in vegetables, fruits, their juices as well as in melted ice. Scientists has discovered that Jakuts – Northern Russia tribe, live 100 years and more in average. They have no water supply, wells, they don’t eat too much fruits and vegetables. They don’t get any diseases also they have very poor diet. This mystery was very simple to disclosure: Jakuts for ages used water by cutting ice into smaller pieces. What was melted by the Sun they drink it.

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How to prepare Structured Water.

1. Fill entire pot by tap water.

2. Boil!

3. Wait until water is chilled.

4. Place a pot with boiled, chilled water into freezer for 2-3 hours.

5. Take out the pot and drill a small hole in frozen surface. After a while water is ready for drinking.


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