Why I changed and appreciated live conversations?

Why I changed and appreciated live conversations?

conversation mini bannerWhen I am visiting any kind of event I’m trying to shift my experience from meaningless conversations to totally different level. I was experiencing various behaviors throughout a years. Nowadays if I see with someone who I haven’t seen for a while I’m trying to change my path from simple “whats up” formula to more subtle and sophisticated. Maybe it’s because of my way of life has been changed, or maybe not. Now I treat it like an opportunity to share and to experience social relations to the fullest, in a real life. There are so many things to share and all chat topics doesn’t have to be always about the event itself. Here I can mention a social media importance – this is a great place to have this simple chit-chat about results, sharing videos, and also comment or even criticize which more often becomes daily domain for immature haters.
So social media is just an opportunity to express thoughts and to share the information. However it’s being used in totally opposite purpose. So many times comments below an article, videos or photos are like: whats the name of the song in this video, OMG, LOL, this dude sucks, etc. rather than starting kind conversation leading to the final clue.

Thats why I decided to feel more sensation throughout live person in front of me. Simple chit-chat is like these Youtube comments – almost unnecessary and too simple. Maybe it’s because of us sitting in front of our keyboards. Is this us? Writing these comments? Would I be able to say the same words straight to that person in real life?

conv13Recently I met some great people as well as I’ve been speaking with friends who I haven’t seen for a while. And here is my experiment: I was chatting for more than 10 minutes straight. Usually simple conversation would end after 3-5 minutes. So I encouraged myself and my interlocutor to spend more time sharing their stories from their life. Every person is different – and this is wonderful. Because this might help us to understand more of other person’s opinion. To feel their point of view. Yet most of the time we spent focused on our own point of view. And this selfish behavior is like these LOL, WTF style comments on Youtube. Just meaningless. But soon after we shift our conversation to an opportunity for boosting our knowledge everything will change.

So it’s up to You. Would You like to chat less than 5 minutes exchanging basic informations without clear clue? Or You be able to listen more carefully and to receive the message Your friend might wanted to share with You. You can easily gain Your skills of being more polite and understandable. Just listen to what people have to say and treat it like Your private source of knowledge.


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