Heaven on Earth in Southeast Europe – Montenegro

Heaven on Earth in Southeast Europe – Montenegro

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[dropcap2]S[/dropcap2]ummer holidays is a period of time when You should use Your free time to the full effect. Get rid of all kind of work activities, disconnect from the Internet (no social media:), stay close to Your friends and share some knowledge with newly meet. After I decided to head into Eastern regions, I was just wondering what is the best place for having the greatest natural views. We’ve been visiting Bulgaria (Black Sea) and Ukraine (Crimea) so this year is time for Montenegro, a place which many people describe as a heaven on earth. Was it so great? Let’s just sum-up our short trip to Budva – largest coastal town in Montenegro.

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After long trip from Warsaw (Poland) to Budva (1700km), hours of reading, contemplating, watching great and poor locations through bus window finally we arrived into the Adriatic Sea side. First what hit me very hard was outstanding view of the coast and the city of Budva which emerged from the sunny morning clouds. This is indescribable moment! Small houses, only few large hotels, curvy street streamers and the mountains melted into the azure water. Early morning light emphasized the beauty and the pureness.

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To the Beach…

Budva city itself is a superb spot. We started to explore from checking the beaches around the center of the town. We were well prepared for rocky beach – swimming shoes and yoga mat. Our first impression: lol there is not much space for all of those people packed near the sea. Main beach in Budva is “Slovenska Beach” which is open for everyone and it looks like a chess board. Why? Because in one area there is free beach with not much free space and on the other hand there are numerous private areas with fancy beds and Hawai-Style umbrellas. Amount of people was large, and I agree with someone who wrote review and said:
“I placed myself on a towel next to my wife. Distance between us was about 1 meter. After I woke up from a sunny nap there were a girl’s legs between us”.
This might be funny but unfortunately true story. Main Beach in Budva is short and packed. This forced us to find some other place where we could stay close to the nature. Our local guide showed us couple of beaches which were around Budva but not in the middle of promenade area. We found it on the map and moved to the location by local bus. We paid 1 Euro each and the bus took us to the place called “Jaz Beach” few kilometers from the center of Budva. Shortly after we arrived we knew that this is our spot! Bright and wide beach with a lot of free space – Yess! And the view was also brilliant – mountains, bay and crystal clear water. This was the best spot from Budva which we highly recommend to all of You who’ll travel to Montenegro.

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Tara Canyon.

Our next goal was to visit canyons. One of the greatest place I’ve ever been was the Tara Bridge – stunning site with super high bridge which You can cross by just walking and observing the power of height in this area. River below the bridge looks like from The Hobbit movie! Canyon itself is about 82 kilometers long with 1,300 meters in its deepest. It’s third biggest canyon in the world right after USA and Peru!

Riding by bus through tunnels and short roads was amazing experience – You could feel the smallness of the individual and all problems and thoughts doesn’t matter when You see something like this. During our ride we’ve been traveling by “Valley of the death”, where there are large number of car accidents. Crossing one of the bridges we saw a national flag and candles in memory of Romanian tourists who died in a bus accident last year. This was creepy.

Also on this ground many Hollywood movie producers has been shooting their masterpieces (Dirty Harry, James Bond). The reason why is very obvious: it was much cheaper for the motion picture company to rent a piece of land in Montenegro than in Grand Canyon in Colorado. So back in the days when they’ve been shooting those movies it was even more cheap that today using Euro currency. And the views was the same or even better.

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Gulf of Kotor.

We took a boat trip over the most beautiful gulf in this part of the world. And it was worth every penny. Again, views were unbelievable: coasts with architecture, tenths of boats and small ships, crystal clear water, small islands with churches, and of course mountains. After we arrived to the City of Kotor we headed to its best location: Old Town.
Ruins, bridge with castle walls and old fashion places adopted in to the modern needs like shops, restaurants and galleries. You could see the Roman Empire influences through gates and style of buildings. Everything was great-looking. Our next target: local ice cream restaurant.

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We picked one from the middle spot of the town named: Astoria. Outlook was brilliant so we decided to get some ice cream desserts and cold drinks. After 15 minutes sitting and waiting for any kind of service (even if the waiters was messing around) we started to waving on a waiter to come and serve to us. This was like a punishment to this feller. He brought our order with such a poor facial expression I’ve never seen before! I understand there was 6 p.m. and all the energy was left for previous customers during the day but I’m not gonna sorry for ordering and paying for ice creams. Ice creams were great but the way we’ve been served destroyed more than half of the flavor. This was the first time we didn’t leave any tip. Anyway. The Old Town of Kotor was great.

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Montenegro is a beautiful piece of land in Europe. Even if it’s a of former Yugoslavia (military conflict during the 90’s) it is worth to visit this part of the world. It is still unwesternized land although Euro is a currency of Montenegro. You can feel Russian and Arab financial influences over the investments and economy. Local people are very polite and handy. You can feel save, even if almost every Montenegrin has a gun in his property. There is very low criminal activity in Budva. I haven’t seen even one negative episode driven by alcohol or drugs. Even if there are many Balkan nationalities mixed in one place, there is peaceful vibe in the air.

So Montenegro is a black pearl among Eastern European countries. It is worth to see all amazing places out there, try local sea food and feel the realness of local people. This country is a example of how to get out of bankruptcy and military conflicts into decent location with beaches, clear sea side and mountains like from Hobbit the movie.


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