How labels stick to You and why to pick legitimate brands?

How labels stick to You and why to pick legitimate brands?

Labeling is one of the most evident practice in modern society. Starting from clothing brands, electronics, all kind fashion, we can move in to more radical labeling like religion (got their own items, symbols etc.), politics, the way somebody behave, belonging to any kind of social layer or even describing how someone looks like.

Almost every brand or social activity labeling us somehow. This might lead other for wrong concept of who we truly are. We are trying to be more unique and outstanding rather than being just an average person (which usually means we have no impact on our conscious lifestyle). In some case we are. Because we need to wear some clothes, we need to have electronic devices, we need to live somewhere as well as we mostly belong to some social group. Unless we can move into the jungle and stay there being true to the nature but that's probably unavailable (in this state of mind).

Wearing or having any kind of goods or activities is an object of being judged. Throughout labels (physical or nonphysical) we usually judge others just by the overall view and vice versa. We are humans so we are visuals. We observe more rather than feel because of mind programs from our previous generations and education system. Based on this we are tempted to judge which is not what our true spirit wants. It's just an ego's whim, which is only an illusion.

We have labels everywhere: shoes, t-shirts, backpacks, hats, cars, smartphones, computers, tablets. Imagine your day without one of this items. Possible or not? Nope! Or You wanna go out naked and walk tenths of kilometers to work, school or visit friends. Forget it! Maybe there is one way to avoid the system: get a blank t-shirt, blank shoes, no name trousers etc. (probably there are no one doing something like this - maybe You can try do it yourself?). So to have a blank clothes You supposedly sew it by yourself. Good luck:)

photo by The TimesThere is super hard to get rid of physical labeling.

My way is little bit different. If I truly believe on any brand (and I do believe in Each One Teach One as a brand and life motto as well as well as few others which are local brands with conscious story behind) I might try to fight back with progressing globalization effect. I try do not wear N1ke or Ad1das not because their products are wack. It's because I did my research and now I know what is behind big brands - suffer, exploitation, poverty! This all is nothing about wearing great pair of sneakers, being trendy and unique. There are tenths of documentaries or articles about Chinese slaves working in a devastated environment just to produce clothes we'll buy later on. Super creepy case is "Primark SOS notes stitched in to the labels of the lothes".

wood e1t1_1The same thing is with a symbols You wear on Your wrist, neck or other body spots. They are affecting us even more. Sacred necklace, bracelets and even tatoos. Everything means something and has its own vibrational state: charged intentionally or randomly. It's a label as well, maybe slightly different but still.

So picking a good label is a must-to-reconsider thing. Among millions of labels, physical or spiritual You need to stay close to those which are close to Your inner spirit. You can feel if there is something good and positive with particular product - if You don't You need to work out more about Your spiritual connection. I prefer to pick local, friend-owned brands and the most I pick labels which means something to me in a deeper level. Not to impress people but to feel free, happy and conscious. We supposed to be individual and unique and this is only by supporting one-of-a-kind brands. Big brands will always exist and their products will be in the most solitary places on Earth.

My brands: true, with story behind, conscious, original, supportive.

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