5 great features of being a Dancer. Who they really are?

5 great features of being a Dancer. Who they really are?

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[dropcap2]I[/dropcap2]t’s great to be a dancer! Many of everyday people might think that dancers are just a dolls for entertaining crowd. It’s natural to have requests. If we are curious of something we ask to see, feel and observe in a visual matter. “Hey can You dance something? Show some move?” – this is really annoying request but unfortunately  still exists in society. But there are many things in a dance world which are out of the range of average people. That’s why I decided to bring a daylight on to characteristics of a dancer.

1. Dancers are Athletes of Gods | Albert Einstein.

And he wasn’t wrong. If You watch any type of dance performance, battle, showcase or tutorial be ready for some action. And the thing is it’s not fake like an action movie in a cinema. It’s all real and made by people. All movement is beautiful, perfectly performed, it’s entertaining as well. If You are average person: don’t be jealous! You can also start Your journey into the dance world today:) But keep in mind that dancers been working hard to achieve their skills. In some way dancers are athletes so dance also shape Your body condition as well as mind and soul.

2. Musicality.

Dancers connection to the music is outstanding. Without music dance would not be able to exist. There is some sort of connection which drives us to make a move, to spin, just to be happy during movement. Imagine Yourself when You were age of 3 or 5. The first thing You did when You heard music was dance! Why? Because our body and mind respond to vibrational frequency flowing from the speakers. And this is the right reaction. Later on in our adult life we are forced by society to quit dancing because it’s childish or non professional behavior. Only few got a chance to become a professional dancer in the future.


3. Creativity.

Dance is about to express yourself – everybody know this. Expression is freedom! If we can do whatever we want we are creators. Of course there are some boundaries about technique and being instructed by others but anyway freedom is there. Especially when we can freestyle – move around whenever and however we want. It’s like painting – wherever You place the line or a dot or just a splash You can transform it into the greatest masterpiece. The same is in dance. Movement liberates us in random directions. Also dancers do tenths of non-dancing activities which are leading to other creative things. Personally I know some great people who are not only dancers but at the same time: lawyers, doctors, filmmakers, photographers, writers, singers, teachers, music producers, actors etc.

4. Sensitiveness.

The way dancers feel is also different from average man. Usually dancers are more sensitive to art and this means they participate more often in cultural events. We think that if there is someone who’s wealthy he or she is getting involved in culture because of their financial ability. But it’s not like that. Even if we’ll have resources we also gotta have a need and inner attraction to artistic events, just to experience the beauty of art. So average people are less sensitive to art rather than dancers. And we all know from the scientific (or not) researches that being active in a cultural platform is highly increasing our creativity.

5. Personality.

We are all individuals and everyone has it’s own point of view – which is good. Form personal perspective we’re all right in what we think about things in our life. Average people is just…average. Dancers can move the crowd, can inspire, can stimulate, can give emotions, can teach and share knowledge and positive energy because they perform and even just because they’re presence. They emanate no matter what others think about it – they just do their own thing. This might sounds selfish but believe me dancers share and give so many emotions and energy to the people that sometimes after having lecture, performance or providing workshops they’re tired not physically but also mentally. Dancers are like an antennas connecting positive flow of the energy through them into the environment they deal with.

So next time You see a dancer on the stage, on the street, or on a TV show – give them some space and respect for what they do and for who they are. They sacrifice so much to be a great performer just to make You happy. Don’t be inert if You like what You see – You can clap, scream and shout, shake a hand or support with love and positive energy and You’ll get a feedback for Yourself.



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