Health Matters #6 | Stop drinking milk! These facts will blow Your mind | Part 1

Health Matters #6 | Stop drinking milk! These facts will blow Your mind | Part 1

stop drinking milkLet’s make it short and simple.

We humans are one and only mammal on Earth who consume milk during their adult life. This is how it is. You might say: ” Ok but what about cats!?” The answer is simple: We forced them to drink milk instead of water, in fact those cats which doesn’t drink milk live longer.

Basic difference between cow’s milk and woman’s milk is in a level of protein hence casein – substance which is a basic ingredient of calf’s body and let it grow horns and hooves. This process continues and finish after 6 months from calf’s birth. But we humans doesn’t have horns or hooves and that our means protein daily doses according to a major health organizations are overestimated. We need less protein on our daily basis because of special type of bacterias in our intestine which can synthesize proteins from carbohydrates which we take also from plants. There is negligible amount of iron in cow’s milk that’s why calf eat grass. That is why cow’s digestive is made for dual and separately digest milk and grass. Human digestive is totally different.

Milk in my body!

When cow’s milk get into our stomach (where we have sour environment) it transform into some sort of “cottage cheese” straight away. This mass stuck on and becomes attachment in to other food particles. So digestive process goes like this: first “cottage cheese” from milk and then other nourishment. This is a massive energy waste for our body to digestive milk products.
Casein – key ingredient of milk is distributing as a rennet. 1-2 y/o baby is fully developed organism in terms of nails and hair so casein need is redundant. Baby’s digestive system at age of 2 stops producing rennet. From now on milk is very stodgy product for human being.

Calcium, fat, cholesterol.

It’s a fact that milk got calcium which is relevant for human bones. But is there less calcium in nuts, cabbage, carrots or beets? I don’t think so! Even I say this: in plants we’ve got much more calcium connected with other ingredients and easy digestible. In milk there are animal’s fat which is a main cause of high cholesterol as well as it leach calcium from our organism. That’s why milk producers trying to convince people to drink milk by degrease its fat amount. Fat is good from natural sources like nuts and seeds and they can be absorbed in 80% while milk’s fat is tolerated in 20%! In western modern lifestyle there is tendency for low fat milk consuming. This way a good choice.

We can observe lower tendency of circulatory and digestive system illness. So the question is: Why we promote milk as a healthy drink which causes allergies and other illness and after that we boost health care for fighting with those disease? What about sour milk products? Kefir, yogurts and even cottage cheese as well as regular cheese. We can consume these products but not being addicted or overdosed by it. Especially recommended for kids and older people. The thing is sour product’s bacterias they already done all processes which our body would do if we consume a raw milk. So basically all work is done and we prevent for energy lost and need for boosting ourselves by energy drinks, coffee or other substances.

End of Part 1

Source: “How to live long and healthy” by Mikhail Tombak | Photo credit: Huffington Post | Translated by: Each One Teach One.TV

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