“Dying to be me” | What happens when we die? [Review]

“Dying to be me” | What happens when we die? [Review]
Have You ever been thinking about what is on the other side? What we will experience when we’ll have to leave our physical body and go somewhere else? What is the place which we usually call Heaven or Hell? Or maybe we need some sort of purge? Is it real or is it just our vision and imagination? These questions strike us as soon as we got some problems like: injuries, deep illness, maybe experienced an accident or we just getting old. Then we starting thinking about death and what is going to happen with us in case we die.

At the beginning Anita Moorjani was a regular girl, born and raised in Singapore (China) in English language environment. Her parents were Indians so from young age she was introduced into meditation, yoga and spirituality. She was really average kid, having small struggles like every single one: school bullies, existential questions, trying to understand outer world.
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Life events and cancer.

Teen age quickly transformed into an adult life. She found the right man, got married, she was working for corporation having nice salary. Everything was on the right track. Until 2002 when doctors diagnosed her with end stage cancer. She started to look for some alternative methods for fighting cancer without chemotherapy: herbs, superfoods, meditation, diet, healers and so on. Everything from above failed and just ended up one morning. After four years of struggling with cancer and enormous pain, February 2nd 2006 was her last day. She didn’t wake up and she entered coma with zero chance to wake up caused by cancer spread around her body.

NDE time.

What she experienced that morning was N-D-E – Near Death Experience. It’s scientifically confirmed state of consciousness happening around the world to random individuals. During deep coma her body was dead but her spiritual being was connected into some sort of realm of pure clarity and infinite love condition. She exactly described in her book what events happened because she was almost like awake in a spiritual way. She also was able to observe her body from without as a separate state of being seeing her family, listening what doctors say about her condition. NDE was a great opportunity to encounter her family members who passed away years ago. She describe all conversations with spirits as well as what was her state of emotions.

dying to be me bookHealing.

After 30 hours of being in outer dimensional state of love Anita received zero chance to back to life form doctors. Family was already reconciled with her death and soon after 30th hour of coma she suddenly woke up. She remembered everything. Back in the other realm she had to make a choice – stay in this unconditional love state of being or go back to Earth as a human being without any suffer caused by cancer. That means she will be cured as soon as she get back. Anita picked to go back. After few days in hospital there was no track of cancer. Doctors were shiftless and totally¬†astonished about her case. They didn’t know how to answer to family’s questions about Anita’s health status because her healing process was against scientific laws.

Infinite love.

After reading “Dying to be me” I have some conclusions. One of the greatest denouement which touched me a lot was state of consciousness highly attached to feeling of love. We know that love is the only true feeling on our behavioral system: it’s unconditional, fully floating, warm and the most honest from all our experiences. Love is also very powerful transmitter of energy which is still undiscovered from scientific point of observation. But we don’t need science to know and feel the realness of the love. Anita Moorjani felt exactly like she was being connected in to the deepest levels of her consciousness. It was so obvious, crystal clear and absolute that she couldn’t deny any information she got from this other dimension.

Her story is truly unbelievable and for many of You will reject it or treat is as a piece of fantasy. But it’s not. Her case was documented hundreds of times and been study by various doctors around the world. Whether you believe it or not the story it is worth to go deeply because it’s extraordinary descriptions about what is on the other side. This book is totally on the top of my bookshelf and if I would be a Hollywood director I would consider Anita’s scenario as a ready-to-go script for successful theater movie.

I would like to deeply thank Anita Moorjani for sharing her story because this gave me a clear picture of what really matter in our life, not after we die but still during our trip on the Mother Earth.

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